Thursday, March 15, 2007

Matar Batate with Kala Masala

Poli bhaaji for lunch is every Mumbaiites choice. Poli is chapati in Marathi and any curry or stir fry ofcourse is bhaaji. Easy mess free and healthy. Even though I'm in Blr now the habit stays. Every morning I make my lunch and carry it with me inspite of the hundreds of options we have on our campus that prides itself in the global feel. I heat up my food in the microwave just before eating at lunch time and enjoy it with a glass of juice of the seasonal fruit. I know it is better to have juice atleast 20 mins before lunch but I have a time crunch so the compromise.

I work across multiple projects and there have been married women working with me who would wake up in the morning and come straight to work. Their day would begin with eating in any of the numerous cafeterias here and through the day they would eat all three or sometimes four meals at work! Though there is a health menu available it is mostly ignored. I consider it an achievement to have converted these women to home cooked food. Some of them have started loving to cook now for the family instead of considering it a chore. There are lesser health complaints from them. Team productivity has shown a marginal rise. They are saving close to Rs.50 per day though a small amount for the well paid women after all it is saving even if one prides to be from the software industry! I smile when they show me their new possessions colorful heat containers they now sport. On the whole I'm happy for them. Now they complain about having to wake up early to cook to which I suggest to catch a nap during the average 1 hr bus ride on the way to work.

Way to go Bhagya, Shilpa, Beula, Madhavi !!!

Priya its good to know you are enjoying new life in SL and the recipes on this blog along with your hubby.

One request girls I'd love to see you comment here. This recipe is for you my friends.

Here is a simple stir fry of the regular aloo mutter (potato n peas) made different with Kala masala made at home last weekend.

1 cup fresh green peas
1 cup potatoes peeled and diced
2 teaspoons oil
few curry leaves
1/2 teaspoon Kala masala
salt to taste

Heat oil in a wok. Add the curry leaves, potatoes and cook covered till soft. Feel the potatoes if done add peas and stir. Then mix the Kala masala, salt and cook covered for 5 mins.

Goes well with roti, chapati or as an accompaniment with Dal n rice.


  1. So Anjali, you increased saving amount in most of the house who works along with you right?

    But i always sugges same, its better to pack from house, once in a while to have out is good.You can save money as well as save your health condition too...

  2. last 18 years, my wife is cooking Poli bhaaji for tiffin lunch for me.

    I carry lunch from home.

  3. I am not one of your buddies you asked to leave comments but I love the Kala masala recipe,thank you.I love to see you in mine too!;D

  4. by kala masala do you mean 'goda masala', anjali? the ingredients look similar.

  5. Hi Anjali

    The curry looks delicious. Is Kala masala available readymade?

  6. Anjali, even I have seen some of my friends who thought cooking is too much work. Our cafeteria food was not that good. They thought I am from another planet as I used to cook an elaborate lunch and breakfast in the morning everyday. But I feel, once it becomes a habit, its not a big deal. As you said, I used to take a nap in office bus :D. btw, i never got up before 6AM :). I gave very less importance to my looks, which people spend a lot of time on.

    I used to love kala masala. My aunt who is in Belgaum used to give this to me. During my initial days of cooking in hostel, I used to include this masala in almost all dishes :). Now that you have given the link of it, I am going to make the powder as well as matar-potato soon. Thanks dear.

  7. Anjali, thanks to the link for kala masala. I miss the Mumbai goda and kala masala. I have been surfing your blog, but somehow could not mangae to comment or try the dishes too. Thanks


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