Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sweet Coconut Kachori

I was introduced to this Kachori by my buddy Ambrish. We had just started working in Mulund in a start-up company after our PG. Yeah that was the best part. We did our two years at university together then worked together too. We pulled in more friends to work in that company it was some exciting time for us. We never were in a hurry to go home. It meant struggling together to prove our mettle. The owners too were happy they never had to put pressure on us. Most evenings after work we would be starving and at the time I was not to keen to eat street food. Can you believe that! Yes it's true. Yet most evenings we would hang around at different places in Mulund East area. Ambrish was our guide as he was from Mulund West. We would sometimes feast on food made my his Mom at his home as it was hop skip and jump away from our workplace.

Ambrish took us to this little hole in the wall shop near Mulund East station for a bite one evening. I was hooked to these little rolly pollys of sweetness. Guess who would pay for these treats! I was considered the girly penny pincher only at such times as the boys always had dry pockets. Else I was always considered one of them as I was a complete tomboy. Yet I remained a girl too much to handle for all my guy friends and colleagues when it came to work ideas and my risk taking nature. I could never use foul language like they did though and they could never dare to use it when I was around.

Well Dost here's to you!

For the filling:
1 cup fresh grated coconut
1 cup chopped cilantro
1 tablespoon sesame seeds
1 tablespoon poppy seeds
2 tablespoons sugar

For the cover:

1/2 kg potatoes boiled
1 cup bread crumbs
1 tablespoon semolina

For the chutney:
1 lemon sized ball of tamarind
1/2 cup seedless dates
1 teaspoon red chili powder

Oil to fry

This recipe requires some amount of preparation so lets begin with the chutney.

Boil all the ingredients together in a vessel and let it cool. Later puree it and save.

Then mash the potatoes and knead into it the bread crumbs, semolina and salt. The dough should be wet very soft.

The filling is made by just mixing together all the listed items.

Next shape small baskets of the dough in it fill about a spoonful in the basket and then collect the edges and seal to get a stuffed ball. For ease at frying press it down to form a pattie else the rolly polly one are good too.

Deep fry these Kachoris in oil on medium heat till golden brown.

The kids and adult love these equally.


  1. Anjali, Lovely blog with lots of heart and soul. Really enjoyed reading through your recipes.
    We at burrp.com are interested in your writing and want to know if you would like to write on blah.burrp.com. Please send me email at meenakshi at burrp dot com so we can talk.

  2. Beautiful looking Kachoris A! I used buy one with Urad dal and saunf pd in Belgaum.I will try your's ,looks great:0

  3. oh, i remember these. they are outrageously good.

  4. What a lovely recipe...and they look so crispy!


  5. Asha the ones you mentioned are the khasta kachoris with the hard maida cover. They taste completely different. I love those too.

    Bee are you going to put these in the allowed list of fried snacks now?

    Trupti try them you will freak out on those I garauntee.

  6. I remembered by golden days spent in Indore where one can excellent Sweet Coconut Kachori at Sarafa and Chappan Bazar. Their they add imli and green chuteny, sev etc to enhance the taste.


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