Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nachani Kobi Palak Kabab

Nachani or Finger millet is the red colored grain that is so full of health. It is one of the flours I always stock at home. We make Bhakari, Ragi roti, Thaleepith etc. This time Dad suggested something new Kababs with Nachani. He is so creative and always tips me on ingredients and their use. As I mentioned in the earlier post we had lot of Palak/ spinach at home as well as cabbage/ kobi.

Here is what Dad came up with:


1 cup Palak/spinach puree
1 cup fine shredded cabbage
1.5 cup Finger millet /Nachani/Ragi flour
0.5 cup chickpea flour
10 green chilies chopped
1 inch ginger crushed
1/2 teaspoon turmeric
1 teaspoon red chili powder
1 tablespoon tamarind juice
1/4 teaspoon sugar
salt to taste
Oil to fry

Mix all ingredients to get a ball. Divide into 2 parts and shape rolls. Place the rolls in a greased pan and steam for 20 mins in a steamer. After steaming they will look like this.

Once cooled completely cut out round like these about 1/4 inch thick and shallow fry in oil. They need to be cooked from both sides. The good ones are crisp on the outside with softer inside.

Serve these Nachani Kobi Palak Kababs with chutney of your choice or plain old ketchup. Ummmm I think you will like them no matter if you have acquired a taste for Nachani or not.

updated: 18th April 07

This too is my entry to Jihva for Green Leafy Vegetables. Cheers to the handsake of Nandita’s WBB and Indira's Jivha. This one is for Nandita, my friendly neighbourhood doctor!


  1. arrey wah, finally got the recipe.
    photo pahilya pasun me hya recipe chi waat pahat hotey.
    would like to try this recipe.

  2. hey a quick Q, do you store the nachni flour in the refrigerator or is it ok to store it at room temp?

  3. wow, that's a really unique kabab. nachani has a very nice texture and flavour - perfect for this.

  4. Nachani or finger millet is so new to me. Got to try it out. Those kababs look perfect for a rainy day like this.

  5. Hi Anjali,
    Palak Kabab looks great , something new too...Lemon cake looks delicious..As i am busy littlebit these days, i hardly surf dear.

    My brother-inlaw (India) has come here for 1week on office trip, as well my sister and niece(U.S) are with me for 2 weeks stay...

  6. Richa I store it at room temp as Blr is quite cool for 8 months of the year. In the fridge you can store in a container will last longer.

    Bee for a health freak like you it would appeal. You could even drizzle with oil and bake.

    Absolutely Seema do try and lemme know if you liked them.

    Ushi enjoy yourself with family. In todays world we get lesser chances like that.

  7. wow...thats one cool recipe of using ragi. my culinary adventure with ragi is limited to dosa and rotties... u have given a whole new dimension to it:) thanks to ur dad:)

  8. hi...
    It is a nice recipe... different one.... it looks great.

  9. wow
    mast recipe ahee i will definetly try it .
    I love making bhakris with nachni and eating it with some spicy bhaji

  10. Hi Anjali, I tried out these 'nachani kababs' and taste quite delicious. Thanks for the recipe.

  11. Hi Anjali, that is an interesting line up of recipes would you like to share with our humble magazine? Please let us know...
    Our address: http//herzone[.]dhvani[.]co[.]in


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