Monday, April 30, 2007

Borrowed Kids and a Hassled Me

Hi Friends

Hope all of you are having a good summer ignoring the heat.

Well I've been busy with my transition into a new role at work. I am quite happy to get the profile I aspired to get for a long time. Project delivery is thing of the past now. It is a relief. My new role is quite exciting and calls for interaction with creative minds. We are building a new portal for the business group I belong to right from scratch. Yay!

Humm people think I have a way with my team. Not always. Trupti announced the Little chefs in the kitchen event. Now I thought I don't have kids of my own yet, my nephews and nieces are in Mumbai so cannot get them to cook with me for this event. Now what would I do. I declared to Trupti that I would borrow my neighbors kids. Humm to all it might sound easy.

So I called my neighbor's kid Sumukh a well behaved soft spoken kid all of 9 yrs. I like this type. Sumukh too was excited. Next morning he was at my door dressed in his new T-shirt so that I can get good pictures. Now don't think I told him that. Kids are very suave these days. Behind him stood Gaurav the new kid in the neighborhood.

As they came in G was wide eyed and looking around. He was visiting me for the first time. I cuddled both the kids thinking Wow their parents are lucky to have them. After a glass of juice and some cookies I thought it was time for me to get down to business.

So I told S and G, "We are going to cook some simple dal and rice in the cooker." Sumukh came into the kitchen. "Auntie you get everything ready. I will close the cooker. I like to do that." Meanwhile G spotted something in the glass cupboard. He started shouting "Sumukh come here quick. " There ended my attempt to get them into the kitchen.

My cupboard was ransacked. All things spread out on the floor. The next I knew my spring toy parrot was being tugged at. The spring was stretched and the parrot that rocked on the spring now was flying in the room in a circular movement. Though I am an adult I love my toys and seeing the scene I was aghast. Was I supposed to stop and yell at them or would a 'Thadak' help. I almost did. I tried bribing with chocolates but could not distract them from the same stuff they seemed to like at the same time!

Finally I left the room and went to the kitchen to make a meal for the kids as I had promised also muttering to my self never to invite them together again. Sumukh is a quite child, I had never seen him like this.

In a jiffy I fixed the meal and cut up fruits for the salad a lot of which got vanished as the frequent visitors to the kitchen smuggled them out.

Sharing here the pictures of the fateful day when I failed to lead the team.
Lesson learnt: All that you learn at work does not work at home.


  1. How sweet you are!

    Please say hello to the kids for me during your next visit/chance meet. They look adorable.

  2. HAHA!!! At least they are barrowed,they go home!!:D
    I have two kids,they act the same way when they are together but angels when they are alone!!!
    They look good ad happy,great that you took care of them for a while:))

  3. Hey Anjali,
    Congrats! for a new role...All the best.

    So you did it,good entry and wonderful narration as such...:))

    Hope had a nice time with the kids:))

  4. Indira they are quite a handful. Sure I'll pass your hello.

    Asha how do you stay cool as cucumber at those times. Yeah I was happy to send them home on that day! ;). G now yells out a hi whenever he spots me. He is adorable from a distance. Lol.

    Ushi it was net practise for me I think more than fun ;).

  5. hey that's a nice post!and the kids are great ;)


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