Friday, April 20, 2007

Sister Rolls

Cheese Oregano and Apple Cinnamon Jam Rolls

Friday nights are always the baking nights for me. I just wait for the week to end so I can bake. I have made so many different types of breads that now I feel tired to write the recipes. Bread making is so easy. For the dough I follow the usual classic recipe. The creative part is how you shape it and what you add while shaping. On this particular friday I made one Cheese Roll and one Apple Cinnamon Jam Roll. Half the cheese roll for my colleague Pradeep for treating me to so many authentic hot kachoris that he gets from his favorite shop in Mysore and the kajai. The sweet rolls for Dad to satisfy his craving for sugar.

I called them sister rolls as they sat in the baking tray like sisters one fat one thin.

How I did it:

Followed the Classic White bread recipe as usual.

After the second rise divided the dough into two parts 2/3 and 1/3 balls.

The 2/3 dough ball was flattened and generous amounts of grated cheese was layered. The oregano sprinkled. Rolled tight to form a swiss roll. Placed in a greased baking tray. Dressed the top with more grated cheese and oregano.

The 1/3 roll flattened and washed generously with Apple cinnamon jam from ITC's Kitchens of India. Rolled tight to shape a swiss roll. Put along side its fat sister in the tray.

Baked both at 200 deg cel for 25 mins in a preheated oven. Removed onto the grill after done. Glazed with whole milk to get the shine. Warm bread oooohhhh!


  1. Anjali

    You are so creative, like your enthu about baking.What do I need to treat you to get some yummy breads baked for me :).Lucky collegue of yours to have these yummy treats

  2. Hop over on a broom and zoom thru the continents you can land on my terrace. I'll be waiting with warm fresh bread just outta the oven.

  3. Looks gorgeous and apple jam sounds so good:))

  4. Hi Dear,

    Sister Rolls looks amazing and really very nice...I liked it very much.Thanks for sharing.Happy weekend.

  5. ok, now i know what to do with the orange marmalade i just made.

  6. Looks fabulous, but I'm really eyeing the sev batat puri and matka kulfi. If only I could get a bite of that...

  7. shilpa(aayisrecipes)April 23, 2007 6:35 AM

    Ohh they look so good. I am not very good with baking breads. I would love to try these sometime.

  8. Asha, Ushi, Mandira thanks for your comments.

    Bee Orange marmalade! I hope you have posted it on the blog. i'm off to check out the recipe in a bit.

    Shilpa breads are easy the yeast has to be right. Always buy yeast from shops where it moves fast.

  9. not yet, hun, maybe in a week or two. i've got a special treat for you tomorrow, though.

  10. HUMMMM......Bee I'm looking forward to it!

  11. wow the bread looks great!
    nice neat rolls


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