Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Chana Chor Garam

Recently Haldiram has introduced Chana choor. On our campus we have a haldiram corner and its my favorite. I pick up stuff from there and turn it into something my own when friends decide to decend on me unanounced.

Some of the packs I liked are Instant Bhel with all the chutneys, Pancharatna chivda, sweet pops, Rasgullas, Gulabjamuns etc.

I have begun to use Manisha's trick for Rasmalai using the Rasgullas and Nandini's (its a blr local brand) badam milk tetra pack topped with badam pista shreds. Thanks Manisha for the jadoo.

Back to this Chana Choor, I always thought it was Chana Chor Garam made famous by the oldie Chor garam babu mulayam mazedaar, chana chor garam sung by Asha and Sita.

The pack is a healthy replica of the street version. Roasted well in the oven flavoured with black salt. It even shows the grill marks! I love those :). Chana Chor is associated with Chowpatty in Mumbai and the Bhaiya's serve them with a dash of lime and a sprinkle of chopped cilantro. I serve in different ways sometimes like the bhaiya or with chopped onion and tomato like bhel or just this and nuts.Try it out and you will know just why Mumbai street food is so popular.

This pack serves 3 people with just lime and cilantro but with onion and tomato added it could serve 4.


  1. You're most welcome! Anything to do less work and enjoy the results!

  2. sahi :) I too love their bhel. check out their nimbu masala (bhujia)too - its good !

  3. Anjali,

    I make chann chor garam the same way and have a blast with tea.Love your blog

  4. You know I still have not found this here! The Chana Jor Garam packet I bought the other day was awful. Left a taste of bad oil. :-(

  5. Oh that's sad and making this from scratch is not done at home. Haldiram if fresh is good but at times even though vacuum packed tastes of old almost rancid oil. Hope you get a nice fresh packet of Channa Chor soon Manisha.


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