Monday, August 06, 2012

Blueberry Tall Muffins

The birthday was on Friday and I was at Four Point Sheraton, Vashi for a conference couple of days before that. It was so well timed. After the Conference, I walked straight into the neighboring Inorbit Mall to shop for the celebrations. It had been six months since I bought a new wardrobe. So off I went picked up 4 new sets of clothes, I must have been in a very happy mood for I bought colors like yellow, orange, fuchsia and rust, rare in my wardrobe. The food picks were some Cheddar and Gouda cheeses, of which the Cheddar went into the Cheese Potato balls. The blueberries that have appeared in the market had to be bought. There was only one specific thing on my mind, blueberry muffins!

Now for a birthday if I was making Blueberry muffins they had to be king sized, else what's the fun?

So I made these Tall muffins, the recipe is adapted from Joy of Baking. I have doubled the measure of ingredients mentioned in the original. Omitted baking soda and instead increased the amount of baking powder. I use a half and half combo of oil and butter. The flax seed powder works as egg substitute. Also I have made the muffins sweeter as the blueberries were mildly sweet.


2 tablespoons of Flax seed powder
2 cup curd
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1/3 cup butter 
2 teaspoon vanilla essence
4 cups all-purpose flour
1.5 cup granulated white sugar
3 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cups Fresh blueberries

Making these muffins is really easy.

Mix the flax seed powder with 1/4 cup water and leave it for 10 mins.

Mix all the wet ingredients and whisk lightly.

In another bowl mix together all the dry ingredients. Dredge the blueberries in the flour, so they don't sink to the bottom of the muffin.

Then fold all the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients. This batter is not your foldable batter like your usual cake batter. It is thick and needs to be spooned into the muffin moulds. I got 8 Tall Muffins from this batter.

They were delicious, soft crumb, jammy blueberries. Not your one person muffins, we shared because we had so much on the party menu and the Tall muffin as a single item is as big as a lunch serving!

My Dad loved his with a dribble of fresh cream.


  1. I am very hyungry.Yummy,tempting and inviting muffins.

  2. That was quick! KQ and VD!! Thanks.

  3. really tempting. never tried making such tall muffins

  4. Sayantani next I am going to make tiny cup cakes for dainty ladies, these tall muffins are completely a sports day treat for guys, I assure you. Try it.

  5. Hi Anjali,
    These muffins look awesome especially with the goodness of blueberries.

    1. Yeah those blueberries add the glamor quotient to the muffins for sure Asmita.

  6. that different shape.. muffins looks really moist and yummy

    1. Kanan yes they have a delicious tender crumb.

  7. They look delicious and I like how tall they are. Beautiful muffins!

    1. Harini,Thanks! each one is a meal serving :)


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