Saturday, August 04, 2012

Cheese Potato Balls

This birthday falls in the monsoon and what is a Mumbai monsoon without some fried goodies. In the morning before I left for work I had pressure cooked potatoes and left the cooker as is, knowing that it will stay good till I open the lid.

Once I was back from work the first thing I worked on in the Cheese potato balls. They got rolled and put into the fridge for setting, while I was busy with other things.

These Cheese Potato balls are a crowd pleasure and are gone just as they are out of the wok. It is fun to watch the animated eating, some delicately breaking into two, dipping in the sauces and taking a nip. Another greedily popping it in the mouth not realizing how hot it is and then gasping for air to cool the burnt mouth as he fans it with his hand. Another taking a small bite and looking into it curiously searching for an answer why such simple treats are loved by so many and trying to decode the ingredients. I loved feeding them and you will love making these for yours too. So here you go...


6 Potatoes
50 gms Cheddar cheese shredded
1/2 cup bread crumbs
salt as per taste
2 teaspoon Pav bhaaji masala
1 medium onion chopped fine

For the cover
1/4 cup all purpose flour
salt as per taste
1 cups bread crumbs

Oil for frying.

In a large bowl mash together all the ingredients. Roll them into small balls and place on a tray. Keep the tray in the fridge to set for at least 30 mins.

Prepare the batter of all purpose flour and water. It should be slightly thinner than bhajji batter.

Spread out bread crumbs in a plate.

Remove the balls from the fridge just before frying. Dip them in the batter and then roll them in the bread crumbs. 

Heat oil, keep the flame on high. This will fry the balls quickly and to crispness without absorbing too much oil. Drain them on absorbent paper.

Serve piping hot with sauce of your choice. I served with mustard sauce and ketchup, turns out its best with ketchup.

What are you waiting for? Get boiling the potatoes and grating the cheese...


  1. Yummy!
    Anjali, I love the cheesy stuffing and can only imagine how delicious this must taste.

    1. Asmita try it out, your kid will love it too.

  2. yum yum yummmmmmmmmy and tempting potato cheese balls.

  3. Anjali perfect perfect!
    I have been thinking of making some Vada Pav but the thought of frying the bondas is putting us off in this heat. Miss the monsoons.
    Another month to wait for the autumn cool here

    1. Shri make a favorite cooler instead, vada pav can wait. Yeah frying in the heat is impossible.

    2. Yes, so we end up having more rice- curd rice, lemon rice...
      Nimbu Pani is the regular cooler for us.

  4. These look so indulgent! Must be quite a treat for the lucky people you made it for.

  5. I like the flavor of pav bhaji masala.. looks yummy


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