Friday, August 03, 2012

Pumpkin Shorba

Pumpkin is a vegetable that I don't admire. Earlier it was only for some special use we would get it, like in vadas or that Gavar and pumkin combo. I am a little scared to buy those small pumpkins because they are definitely hybrids. The cuteness does not melt my heart. I would rather get a slice of a fresh cut large pumpkin.

Anyways for the birthday party the choice of soup zeroed on Pumpkin due to the color. I wanted different colored dishes. I never like it when all the food  on the plate is in just one color. So tomato soup was out, they would however be used generously in the pasta.

Also the menu was of different origins so a Shorba sounded better than a western soup. Indian in flavor and that would awaken the taste buds to an exciting menu that followed. A shorba is not thick in consistency and its never loaded with cream. It's light and refreshing and warmly spicy, just right for the cold monsoon that we have right now.

Here is how to make it.


1/2 kg pumpkin
1 medium onion
oil 2 teaspoons
2 Taj patta
3-4 cloves
1 small piece cinnamon
7-8 pepper corns
slat to taste.

In a pressure cooker heat oil, 1.5 teaspoon. Fry onions till translucent. Add pumpkin to it. Close the lid and cook for 1 whistle.

Let it cool. Once cooled open the cooker and transfer the cooked vegetable to a blender. Puree it. 

Now heat just a 0.5 spoon of oil. Make the seasoning with tej patta, clove, cinnamon and pepper. Add the puree to the tadka. Add water to thin it. The total soup should be about 2.5 litres. Boil vigorously. Serve in soup cups or deep dish.

Enjoy the warmth! That's how we kick started our party.


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