Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Veg Mayo

Veg Mayo a perfect coat of snow white for a Smörgåstårta and more...

Many of my friends made a request for this recipe when they saw the Smörgåstårta. Rich, creamy, luscious is what you can describe it as. All those who cannot eat egg but love the look of Mayo will be thrilled by this recipe. Now you can enjoy it too. 


1 litre curd
2 tablespoons fresh cream
1 lime, juiced
salt to taste

In a muslin cloth pour out the curd and hang it or place it in a sieve to let the whey drain. It should give a hung curd about 1.5 cups yield.

Remove the hung curd to a bowl. Add the cream to it. Add the lime juice and salt. Now beat the mix at low speed with a hand beater. You will get a light fluffy, creamy texture.

Use this as a spread for your regular sandwiches, as a dip or a dressing to replace Egg Mayo in recipes to make it a pure vegetarian one. It lends itself beautifully to decorate a Smörgåstårta like you see above. Have you seen that post, go check it out.

This is a recipe  for the perfect white Veg Mayo. With varying herbs you will get a whole range of tastes just use your imagination and go go.


  1. How long can you store this? Do you think the curd will go sour?

  2. In an airtight container it can be frozen for 3 months. In the fridge for about a week is good in an airtight container.

  3. that looks so creamy...really neat idea to replace mayo. we hardly ever make or buy Mayo as thats too rich for our taste. but am sure everyone will love this.

  4. Awsome Anjali, cant wait to try - will let you know how it turns out :)

  5. thats perfect for who does not eat eggs. I saw some recipes use honey in eggless mayonnaise. But i would leave out honey because i don't like sweetness in my savory.

  6. Hey that is such a good way of replacing an egg Mayo:)) I just don't like the regular Mayos....I must try this ASAP!! Thank you Anjali..I think I will use greek yoghurt to save me from hanging curds!

    1. Hi Preeti, you made valvat and hanging curd it nothing :) Yeah but the shortcut of using greek yogurt works well in place of hung curd.

  7. Wow,
    This is a great option for pure vegetarians. Looks lovely!

    1. Yeah most veggies want to taste the lusciousness, so here it is for them.

  8. Looks rich and creamy... First time in your space, happy to follow you :)

    Inviting you to join
    "Onam Sadhya ~ The Grand Feast"

    Sharans Samayalarai


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