Sunday, August 05, 2012

Smörgåstårta, It's A Sandwhich Cake!

We are a family that loves our local sandwich, the club sandwich that you get all over Mumbai. It is while I was in Blr, I had posted about the ubiquitous Mumbai Sandwich. It continues to top my most popular all time posts.

For the Birthday Party I decided to make healthy and pretty open sandwiches. I was looking for ways of decorating open sandwiches when I hit upon this word Smörgåstårta, Scandinavian in origin and following this link it lead me to the world of Sandwich cakes!

Cake? yes Cake in the way it is decorated. You have to just let your creative juices flow to create a beautiful looking sandwich cake. I put together my sandwich cake in just 15 mins with the help of my Dad. He buttered the slices of bread and I arranged the cake. Since we did not have time I did not do an elaborate decoration but even this simple decoration surprised my family so much. No one expects it from a sandwich.

There are ways and endless ways how you can decorate yours but I know you definitely want to know how I did it. You must be cringing at the cream that covers the cake, thinking that much cream! Read on to find out if it really is?

Ingredients for the decoration

2 cups finely chopped cilantro
1-1.5 cups of Homemade Veg Mayo
slice onion, cucumber and beetroot

First choose a serving dish you want to use. It should be large enough to hold 4 regular slices of a loaf.

The bread slices need to be buttered, this will prevent the slices from sogging. If you like spicy ones like us apply green or red chutney. Make tiers of bread slices and vegetables of choice. I used cucumber, beetroot and onion slices between the bread. Keep the edges to let the cake hold shape. If you need a recipe for making the sandwiches use my recipe of the Mumbai Sandwich.

I used five slices to give the cake a height. You will need to make a total of 4 such to get the large square foundation for the cake.

Then slather the veg mayo generously onto the cake foundation, to cover the top and all four sides.

Now take the finely chopped cilantro and shower on the sides. The cilantro will be held by the cream to give it a nice ivy covered wall look.

Last, make 4 rosettes with cucumber slices. On top of the rosettes place a slice of beetroot to make it look like a flower. The veggies used on top for decoration should be the ones that are used inside so people know whats inside before the cake is sliced up. Hey but if you want to surprise people more use decoration that are not used in the layers but go well with the overall taste.

When you cut up the Smörgåstårta, use a sharp knife to be able to cut thru the vegetables all the way into the cake. Make slices and serve the hungry party.

With all the food we had this cake stayed good right upto next day in the fridge, store it above the crisper and it will not get soggy.


  1. I must make this very soon..sound very interesting. I haven't ever made Mayo, let alone veg Mayo..suggest me a good recipe please:)

    1. Preeti will post the veg Mayo recipe at the end of this series, just for you.

  2. Oh gosh you did a beautiful job with this! Sandwich cake is definitely on my list to make some day.

    1. Nupur thank you! You will love making it and there are endless possibilities of fillings decorations etc. I made a 4 X 4 you can make a smaller 2X2 for a quick trial.

  3. An anonymous commenter left a nasty comment here. I am not publishing the comment. All criminals comeback to the scene of crime. So here is my reply to that person. I am not ashamed about not knowing origins of all the foods I try. I am learning and your comment led me to correct my post. I would have appreciated a friendly nudge but because you chose to be nasty, I choose to say "Don't show up here again, get lost". I'm kicking your butt!


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