Thursday, January 18, 2007

Kora Cha

update 16th June 2012: This is how my grand Mom, Yesubai would serve Kora cha; in a glass

This morning I jumped out of bed it was already 6.00 am and I am running late for work. I did not have milk at home so made Kora Cha/ black tea for myself with ginger. Hufff...hufff... just managed to get my company bus. On the way we passed through the fog filled fields some of the fog was on the roads too. It was really thick this morning the thickest till now. The ride was quite dreamy. I felt as if I was going on a holiday.

No way ...No way with all the high profile visits in the last two days at work. The president of a southwestern European country inaugurated the Learning Center on our campus and the other a Finance minister of an Isle in the Atlantic had lots on his mind. Its been bussssy.

I was able to post for the last two days as I had drafts ready with me. So for this one the mugshot will come later (OMG, it took me more than 5yrs to add the pix here!) however for now sharing the picture of bed linen I embroidered in the last lonely six months here. Aleast something to do with bed if not with tea!

I got thinking on the bus. How about a post on Kora Cha. This type of tea is made in every Koli home as milk is not abundant in Thal. It is a sweet fragrant tea brewed early in the morning used through half the day. I remember the tips my grandma gave never wash a china cup with detergent. It affects the taste of the tea. It should just be rinsed in hot water to clean after use.

Alright straight to the tea now.

3 teaspoons sugar
1 cup water
1/4 teaspoon tea (any strong flavoured tea)
few strands of fresh or dried Lemon grass
1 bit piece of ginger mashed

First boil the water with sugar. Later add the tea and brew. Lastly add the lemon grass and ginger and boil. It should not be boiled for more than 5 mins or steep it in the tea. Strain and sip the fragrant spicy tea in your best china but remember never clean your tea cup with detergent. Yet another culture thing when drinking tea you got to pour it out in the saucer and sip it with a noise like bruhhhh..bruuuuhhh to show you appreciate it to one who made it for you. Smile.

 The remains of a brilliant tea...


  1. Sounds so good!It's snowing here which is unusual!Great day for Chai,eh?:))

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhh, great cuppa Anjali
    You made that bed linen,you must be kidding !!! I am so dumb at embroidery and such stuff that I am amazed, really

  3. Asha get into to kitchen right away and try this one out. It is bliss and enjoy the snow from your window. My P was in Lumberton for very long so I know. "Make tea when the snow falls":)

  4. Sandeepa it took me sooo long to make it. Try your hand at it you will get hooked I promise!

  5. Gavathi chaha. Haven't had it for years...mmmmm!

  6. hats totally my kinda tea nd that bed spread looks gorgeous. I start lot of things but never gather enough patience to complete them.

  7. Sayantani Yeah a you have patience for the decorating cakes and art food which I can't even attempt I am so overawed by your skills Lady :)

  8. OMG!! that embroidery is done by you!! That is so pretty!! Am 'wow'ing on all the creative stuff ur upto!! Really really nice.

    1. Deepa you appear as suddenly as you disappear and then there you are cheering me the loudest!


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