Thursday, February 22, 2007

Papaya Banana Smoothie

Here is how I relax on a lazy sunday afternoon. It is my time with a cooler, some music and hair let loose after the wash rolling on this dhurrie with a book in hand.

The ipod nano you see here has a story. My dear friends Alok and Varsha or should I say my siblings, long lost in the Kumbh Mela we found each other now, wanted to gift it to me. I am one ungraceful person when it comes to accepting expensive gifts. I promised to use it if they kept it with them. So since then the ipod has become my partner in crime for blogging. I use it as a pen drive to carry data from home to work from where I finally post. Alok and Varsha are my adorable guinea pigs in My Kitchen lab. I have seen their faces twist up on gulping some experimental stuff and yet say its good with a funny smile. Then we laugh at our joke on Belbin's theory and Myers-Briggs instrument. It is our passtime to apply it to silly things. They have missed this cooler so posting it here for them untill I make it next time just for them.

My guinea pigs at Nandi hills. Its the closest I could get them to pose ;)!!

How to make it:

Equal amounts of papaya and banana blend together with sugar if required. I don't use any as these fruits are really sweet. When serving add few cubes of papaya and banana slices to dress up the smoothie. Serve chilled.


  1. I don't get Papaya here but I always loved that fruit.Smoothie looks divine.My kids love their Nanos,take it to school everyday.Enjoy the drink and the gift!:))

  2. Hi Anjali,

    Wow!what a cool days, i can imagine now when i was working before my wedding those days...
    Even i use to be as same you said on sundays...Under fan,with loose hairs after headbath,listening to music in walk-man...Hmmmm...nostalgic....

    Nandhihills remembered my days when myhubby took me after wedding we started our life in Bangalore.

    Altogther whole post cherished my past days.Smoothie is cool along with post.

  3. Hi Anjali
    really looks delicious and very easy too..thanks for sharing..

  4. Asha I know papaya is difficult to get there. But here in India its an everyday fruit most houses wld have couple trees of their own.

    Ushi I happy it reminded you of the past.

    Swapna try it and let me know.

  5. Cool. Sunday is meant for that only

    In Dubai I found Papaya is the costly fruit unlike India.

  6. Hi there

    MAny thanx for visiting my blog and your lovely comments on many blogs and specially of Vintage Car Rally. Let me tell you something.

    मला हल्ली पुण्यात मुली काका म्हणायला लागल्या. मी ते स्विकारले ! पण आता तर चक्क आजोबा !! हे तर खुपच झाले.

    ते ग्रुहस्थ म्हणजे मी नव्हे . वडिल आणि मुलगी आणि त्याची ती गाडी व वेशभुशा मला खुपच आवडली.

    जाता जाता. माझी बायको फक्त तीन years नी लहान आहे,

  7. Have never tried this combo... hopefully it tastes better than it looks!

  8. HKJ I'm ROF. I'm sorry. Gee...ajun hasu avrat nahi.

    Anon papaya is a cultured palate some don't like it. I took time to develope one myself.


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