Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Pharali Misal

I am starting a new series of recipes I try out from other blogs. This category is called Remakes. It is my way of saying thank you to all the bloggers who share so generously in this virtual world.

This is my way of teaching the copycats a thing or two about copyright!

My first in this category is Shilpa's Pharali Misal. I made it today for a grand old couple who are visiting me from Mumbai. It turned out superb and no we are not fasting today but was craving for it so just went ahead and made it.

My take on the recipe:

I made the peanut curry with ground peanuts. I shall share the recipe in a separate post.


1. Serve the 3 items separately in bowls and mix little amount while eating to get the right crunch if you really like crunchy stuff else it gets soggy really quick.

2. The Haldiram packet is packed differently in India see the picture below though it is the same Pancharatna Mix. It tastes yummy on its own too. A brand called Garden also sell Farali Chivda but it does not have too many dry fruits so I liked Haldirams more ofcourse at a higher price.

I wanted to serve Sugarcane juice with the misal so spent much effort cleaning it and cutting it up. Leasson learnt: never use a juicer for sugarcane juice extraction. You will get a slurry of sugar cane even through fine mesh. It has to be pressed. So leave it to be enjoyed at the Gurhal in Maharashtran. I will never try to make a healthy sugarcane juice at home that is anywhere my job makes me go.


  1. Hi Anjali ...I am visiting your blog for the first time, after i read your comment on aayisrecipes.com. I guess you are from Mumbai. Pharali Misal is served with Batata Chivda/Sali (plain no dryfruits or peanuts) - in the Maharashtrian restaurants. Here in US we dont get plain sali so we have to use Halidiram mix chivda. Try it with sali next time.
    I liked your site and the name too. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Aruna about the info.I am yet to taste it at the Mumbai eateries meanwhile I am hooked to this version.

    Haldiram has the plain sali too its called Aloo lacha I think. Try and look for it. I will update here the exact name.

    Keep visiting.

  3. Hey Anna,

    I'm glad you like the Haldiram's products better :-). Maybe some of your American readers would appreciate a link to our site: www.HaldiramUSA.com where they can find some great products. We also take orders internationally through this site, as long as you're shipping to someone in the US. Enjoy!

    Haldiram's USA Inc.
    Ethnic Kitchens Inc.

  4. Hi Stephanie is the Kolkata Haldiram also the same brand as Haldiram Nagpur?


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