Friday, February 16, 2007

Avare Kaalu Mixture

Its is Mahashivaratri today and many of you must be fasting on this day. Today one should fast in the real way and not by feasting on food that is special on such days. Yet for those of who love to cook but not eat today here is a preservation recipe you can try. We shall say good bye and farewell to the Indian winters with this Avare Kaalu mixture yet enjoy the Avare even after the season is over just like the Kanadigas do.

Recently we visited friends in Chintamani 70 kms from Blr. The family gave us so much love that it got difficult to take their leave. It was a day full of sharing all from their side. Since they know how much I like to know about culture and sacred heirlooms they opened up a treasure to me. They are a noble family in the real sense. I took some pictures that will be in my private treasure till I'm alive. This recipe is shared with us by Shri Venkatesh Murthy family.


1 cup Avare Kaalu
1/4 cup peanuts
1 teaspoon red chilli powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
Oil to fry

First we are going to get the Avare dal ready as explained in highlighted para in the Avare Hidikbele Sambar post. Pat dry the Hidikbele on a kitchen napkin.

Heat the oil. On medium heat fry the hidikbele till crisp. Also fry the peanuts till golden brown. Drain on a mesh or absorbent paper. While the fries are still hot sprinkle the chilli powder and salt and mix well. This mixture can be stored after cooling completely for almost a month. If stored in tuperware it should stay good for atleast six months in the fridge.

Enjoy the munchies with your favorite hot or cold drink.

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  1. Hey anjali, you made me to remember India now with your dish....

    I can hear now the sound of Bicycle vendors sounds Avare ka in the streets of ....

    It is fun to get these in the season time alot, store it for later use...
    We ladies sit together and by chatting remove the outer layer...soak it in water and remove the inner layer and sundry and store it....Hmmm...miss those days...

  2. Your photographs are disgusting, and not to mention your posts! I can't believe someone would copy your work. I guess you shouldn't have to worry too much since your work id really really horrible!

  3. Hi Anjali,

    This looks great.Can I also use dry avrekalu?I use them to make avrekalu palya from Asha's blog..

  4. I love the avarekayi mixture! I have never tried to make it myself though. Just looking at it makes my mouth water and brings back good memories! I'd forgotten that we make this one! :)

  5. Hi! Anjali

    What's 'Avare' in Hindi/English?

  6. First to all my friends.

    Ushi thanks for your comments.

    Sandeepa in marathi/ gujurathi it is called Val. In english field beans.

    ViniK you can soak dry avarekai and deskin and use it. The taste will be considerably different. It might also turn out harder after frying.

    Vani give it a try.

  7. Dear Anon are you a regular here? I really appreciate your comment but why are you hiding behind the anonymous tag. Come out and comment. You know what you are the valued one for me everyone only gives good comments. Pl. suggest what I can do to improve my work that is causing so much disgust to you. I am asking you this because I know you will be visiting my disgusting blog again and again.

  8. anonymous commentors with nasty comments are too disgusting. If they trust their judgement to be correct, why hide behind the ANON id?? Anjali, somthing really fishy going on here!


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