Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Gunta Pangana, Paddu, Appe

I was going through Asha's when I decided to make these for MBP. Thanks Coffee and Thanks Asha and Menu Today. This is one good Finger Food!

I took the sour dosa batter added fine chopped onions, bit pieces of coconut, fine chopped green chillies and salt. Poured the batter in well oiled mould and flipped once to roast the other side. Tasty paddus were ready to eat right out of the mould with chutney. Still licking my fingers.

Here is my tava since I oiled it well had no probs flipping them.


  1. Hi Anjali
    Gunta punugulu (this is how we call in telugu) is one of my fav breakfast/snack items.
    You have nice blog.
    Good day!

  2. Hey Anjali,my SIL and MIL refer to these as Gunta pongadalu(gunta meaning literally a ditch, and pongadalu meaning puffed balls.the pan looks great.where did you get it?

  3. Vini I bought it at the neighborhood shop in Blr its quite easily available here. Infact I bought 3, 1 for me, my aunt and my best friends mom. All freaked out on it :)!

  4. Hi I brought the above pan recently, but when i pour the batter into it its sticking not coming properly, what is the reason, can you explain me pl...

  5. Hi Priya are you oiling the pan before each use? It is good idea to oil it well at night before use the next morning. Also oil a bit before you pour the batter. Incase your pan is non stick you should not have this problem, get it changed.


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