Monday, February 05, 2007

Ginger Ale

Trying to create the mood with Ginger Ale!

Ginger ale is one of my fave drinks. Here is a super recipe I found on the net and so well explained. I love it so much that for the fear of loosing it I am going to print it immediately and that will go into my file. This post will go to the drafts now.

clean 2 liter plastic soft drink bottle with cap (not glass: explosions are dangerous.)
Grater (preferably with fine "cutting" teeth
1 cup measuring cup
1/4 tsp and 1 Tbl measuring spoons

cane (table) sugar [sucrose] (1 cup)
Freshly grated ginger root (1 1/2-2 tablespoons)
Juice of one lime or lemon
fresh granular baker's yeast (1/4 teaspoon)
cold fresh pure water

The steps

1. Take the bottle.
2. Put a funnel in the mouth of the bottle.
3. Add the sugar thru it, into the bottle.
4. Add the yeast and shake the bottle to mix it.
5. Next take the grated ginger in a measuring cup.
6. Add the lime or lemon juice to it. Stir to get a slurry.
7. Pour the slurry into the bottle.
8. Rinse the measuring glass with water and top it up in the bottle.
9. Fill the bottle till the neck. Shake well till all sugar is dissolved.
10. Place the bottle in a dark place for fermentation for 24 to 48 hrs.
11. The carbonation is complete when the bottle feels tight with the fizz inside.


Use it once ready. If kept for longer time the bottle bursts due to pressure and you might end up with a mess.


Updated: 5th Feb 2007
I successfully made Ginger Ale at home with the recipe. You must try it!
Tip: Wash the ginger root thoroughly and make lime juice and ginger slurry as per the instructions else after bottling it developes maggots. I had to throw away my first batch because though I washed thoroughly I added the lime juice and ginger separately to the bottle. The next day I saw maggots in the bottle. I studied the recipe again and realized that the slurry making is an important step as citric acid not only gives the zing but also cures the ginger free from any dormant parasites.
My bottle of Ginger Ale :)
Do you see the fizz? Its natural!


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  1. Ginger ale looks cool.I liked the fishing,fishes getting ready for sellingetc., all the snaps...

  2. Absolutely yummy - great drink. Goes very well with snacks.

    Unbelieveable fizz, almost like a champagne / beer bottle. Beware of ginger ale fountains :)

  3. Yeah~~~! Vinaya you did try it out looks like you really enjoyed it. Yep the fiz is really goooood but the amount of alcohol generated in the beverage is just about 0.4%. Yeah for all teetotaller this is a good option for the fountains good idea Vinaya!


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