Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cauliflower in Red Chilli Sauce

This one is made on the run by my Dad for me on a day when I returned home real tired and didn't want to eat anything. On the day I was going to eat my dinner at work itself but called Dad and told him that we will eat together and that I was on the way home. Normally I eat rice only on weekends but when I'm tired I just crave for Varan bhat or really soft Khichdi. Dad as usual wanted me to enjoy a bit more even when my bones were complaining. He did a surprise he loves to do it. Got the cooker ready with a pan of rice and cauliflower. Here is what he served me. Just seeing the stir fry I reached out for a fork to eat else I always need to eat with my fingers at the end of a long hard day at work.

This one is absolutely no fuss but just taste if for yourself and let me know.


1 cup boiled cauliflower
1 tablespoon Ching's Red chilli sauce
1 teaspoon oil
2 chillies ( Dad used 1 red 1 green both fresh)

Heat oil. Slit chillies so that they don't burst when frying. Add to the oil and stir add the bolied and drained cauliflower and stir to coat with oil. Add the red chilli sauce and cook cover for just five minutes. Adjust the salt if you may. The stir fry is ready in a jiffy. I enjoyed it with plain rice. One morsel veggies One mouthful rice. For a change I din't need a curry on my rice.


  1. How very very sweet of your dad :D
    It doesnt get better than a lovingly cooked surprise when you are about to crash after a long day
    I have little doubt that it was amazingly tasty and wholesome with generous doses of Vitamin L. God bless :)

    I must say your dad has a real flair / knack for cooking if he can come up with something like this ! Kudos

  2. Infact if your my regular reader you will know I learnt cooking from my Dad and not from my Mom like most girls do :). Thanks for you sweet words

  3. Hi Anjali,

    So sweet of your papa,he made everything ready for his tried daughter......

    Hey i wonder just with almost 4 ingredients,what a nice receips you have got.sure let me try, i need to get that red chillisauce....Thanks to your papa and you for sharing this dish with us.

  4. Sounds easy and looks delicious!!My dad NEVER cooked anything!You are a lucky girl!:))

  5. Hi Anjali,

    I forget to leave a comment on the saree you used as back ground inthe snap..

    Cute design,..you did it?

  6. Anjali, this looks so delicious. Everyone needs pampering sometimes.

  7. Hi!! Thanks for all the sweet comments. Try it out. Dad's going to be happy.

    Vanessa I just remembered I have to post a moong recipe for you.

    Ushi the needle work is readymade and its a kurta actually the style in tibetian but quite similar to Chinese so I used it here

  8. Sweet of Daddy!

    and, yes, nothing hits the spot like dal-chawal sometimes...eaten delicately with your fingers for full satiation!

  9. looks lik I missed a lot of yummy food!got to go and read all your posts ine by one.It is really nice when mum or dad spring a surprisse like this..I still remember my mum bought be a pack of bourbon chocolate cream biscuits back in India(I was not even a kid anymore then)because she knows I love chocolate.


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