Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pepper Idli

On TV there was a special show about Idli House, Matunga, Mumbai sometime back don't remember which channel hosted it. They specialize in all types of idlis. One that struck me is this pepper idli. I love pepper and have come to appreciate its medicinal value in Kanadiga cuisine. It is a spice that cures all ailments caused by the dynamic weather conditions is Blr. On this particular day the idlis came out real soft and was tempted to take a picture. It was in my drafts then I saw Shilpa's post on kanchipuram idli. I decided not to post it. Then Again I rethought it is a good idea to post it as a Remakes in the new category that I started yesterday.

What I did:

I used an equal proportion of urad dal and rice rava/ idli rava. Soaked it together for 6 hrs and ground it later to a paste. Kept it aside to ferment overnight.

Before steaming in the morning greased the idli stand and put one pepper corn and a big pinch of crushed pepper in each mould. Then filled the batter and added one pepper corn and again a pinch of crushed pepper on the top. So that it gives a complete taste of pepper.

Tip: Fresh crushed Pepper has much more flavor than stale ground powder.

Also sharing here a pix I took of pepper being dried at Guruvanam, Kerala during my last visit. See the various shades of pepper, fresh green, half dried almost black and some black.

Do try it before the winter passes by....


  1. Beautiful looking Idlis,I bet it tastes yummy!
    That happens to me too!!!It's in the draft ready to go and somebody posts it before me!!:))I post it anyway,most Indian cookings are similar if not the same!

  2. Pepper idly is good idea, let me try .

    Oh my god!the green colour is pepper,untill i read yours i thought it is hill and grasses.

    Nice photography..

  3. This is a new information for me!I will try this


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