Monday, February 05, 2007

A Typical Work Day (Thal Part IV)

I am doing this for my Friends, readers, co-bloggers who visit this blog out of their love for it.

Copycats you too are welcome here!

Its early morning and time to collect coconuts to sell in the bazaar. Tender coconuts too are collected for the visitors. My cuz S a complete Mumbai bred yet loves to try his hand at all the activities in Thal.

Be careful when selecting and take care of yourself tell the uncles from down below.

Krishna and his father mending the nets while its a day off from fishing.

Its bussiness on the mobile....nah its just cuz S calling Mumbai...yet its a common sight to see the business heads/ Nakhava yelling into their cell phones to get the latest rates from the agents or enquiring about the weather conditions.

Nirmal cutting up some fish for the day's meal before she goes to the market in a different village to sell the catch her brother has got.

Nirmal and Surekha get the baskets packed. Layers of ice and fish to keep fresh.
Aaji comes to help too.

The men taking the boat to sea. This is the small boats parking area. If you look carefully you can see the twin island forts of Khanderi on the left and Undheri on the right on the horizon.

The kids want a ride.


  1. Hey.. mee too wants a ride :)))
    Your Thal is indeed very beautiful - just love it - hope to be there someday !

    TIMES NOW : Utterly ridddikulous and shameless of times now to " congratulate you on the authenticity of your research". Hope you guys are listening

  2. Vinaya I really appreciate that you are so vocal. Thanks for all your support in this matter.

  3. How beautiful!! A regular day in the life of a fisherman!!Thanks for these pics!:))

  4. Anjali, what a great post! I love these pictures!

    I am not sure what the deal with Times Now was but if they are 'doing their research on your blog' and not acknowledging it, that totally sucks. I am so glad you got our copyright notice in place when you did.

  5. HI Anjali,

    I liked the snaps very much,while viewing them i feel really very pleasant,as its been longtime i went across those scenes..

    I feel very jealously to those kids having a happy ride,,....

  6. Manisha when I saw that particular show it was very clear that their script was my blog and they didn't even acknowledge. I can say this proudly that my blog is unique. There is none in the virtual world writing about Koli life in such details. The sitemeter gives me information about all my visitors and I do a lot of further checking to find out who it was. I did have a clue right from the begining that this was going to happen after what Shilpa, you and so many faced. They deserved to be exposed.

  7. Anjali, there is no doubt whatsoever that your blog is unique! Your recipes and your stories are just so one-of-a-kind! They are brilliant!

    I have very close friends who are also Koli but from a village near Palghar and are settled in the US. I should send them a link to your blog - I don't know why it never occurred to me before this!

    I'm off to read your latest post!

  8. Manisha you should be in bed at this time dear. Read it tommorow. Yay~~ I would love it. Go ahead and send it.


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