Sunday, August 03, 2008

Tomato Tamarind Relish

and the Richness of Life

Recently two quotes that I really appreciated all over again am sharing here:

You are rich or poor in life by
Smiles around you,
Friends you make,
People you are with,
Ideas you have,
Dreams you chase,
and the love you spread.
- by Anon

नितिधार्माचे आचरण ठेवता यावे
मुलाबालांचे रक्षण करता यावे,
अब्रुने जगता यावे, इतका पैसा
जवळ असला की तो मनुष्य श्रीमंत समजावा

It means:

To be able to live life with consciousness,
To be able to take care of children
To be able to live with respect
If one has that much money
then consider that person rich

- by Shree Gondavlekar Maharaj

The second one is what I live by. I think I have done better in life materialistically than my parents did. Yes they did equip me well for it and I am indebted to them. Plus GOD has blessed me with fewer responsibilities. So by those standards I have enough for my needs and a little more for others too.

Yet life has made me a Fakir by nature. I don't care much for possessions. I give off easily what little I have. I appreciate the Fakiriyat in another person. I propagate it to my close circle of influence. I have a lot of rich friends, par unka crore unke paas.

I have my own definition of Fakiriyat:

  • Own only the necessary.
  • Give to others what you wanted but never did get.
  • Spread love yet never let anyone take advantage.
  • If I possess something I enjoy it, tomorrow if I loose it I don't allow it to affect me.
  • I am lucky I don't have to worry about anyone's future.
  • If anyone visits my home I treat them equally.
  • I share whatever food I make with the same love and respect with all.
Probably my name has a lot to do with it

Anjali = Hands joint in divine offering.

I am Giver, will remain that till I die perhaps. I have rarely got back how much or whatever I gave but still that has not changed anything for me. Infact it has inspired me to give more. Now I don't even fear losses.


I do my duties and do not give reasons like 'I am detached.'

As per the quotes this Fakir is Richie Rich !!!

There is always a balancing act that one has to do in life. To make a mundane life interesting there are always small pleasures that one enjoys and so do I.

On that note the recipe I'm sharing here a recent creation that happened by accident in My Kitchen Lab

I set out to create a tomato pachadi and ended up with a relish! The accident is recreated here for a deliberation that will recur all the time in my home.


5 big ripe but firm tomatoes chopped
1/2 cup of tamarind extract
1/2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon salt
2 heaped teaspoons red chili powder
1/2 teaspoon asafoetida
3 tablespoons oil

In a large vessel heat oil. Add the tomatoes. Cover and cook till mush. Add the tamarind extract salt and sugar. Cook till it leaves the sides of the vessel. Keep stirring to avoid burning. Once it looks thick and jammy put off the heat. Add the red chili powder and asafoetida, mix well. Cool completely and pack in bottle. It should stay good for couple of week without refrigeration and more in the Frigidaire.

Your Tomato Tamarind Relish is ready to go with any fries, hot rice, as spreads for breads etc.

It is to be enjoyed in small portions to spice up a mundane meal and relish every morsel.

My dear friend Deepa loved it for its Chat pata taste :).


  1. I love tomato and tamarind. So this is an excellent mix. I am going to try this. As per your "I have my own definition of Fakiriyat" I am the victim of the 3 one. I love all of them though.


  2. Radha welcome here! That happens becoz we women love to please everyone at all cost. May be you should try changing that a bit by bit. BTW you reminded me of a classmate with the same name. Are you?

  3. your tangy relish looks interesting!!! Would love to try it sometime....

  4. i love your accidents. keep them coming.

  5. We would like to feature this recipe on our blog. Please email if interested. Thanks :)


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