Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fluffy Dosa Set

Set dosa with chutney pudi, coconut chutney and Tomato Tamarind Relish

In 2001, I was in Blr to attend Sapient College when I discovered the Fluffy Set Dosa. These are designed for a Sunday brunch as they are too much for a work day breakfast plus who will make three dips/ accompaniments to go with it during a hectic week. Actually today too I made just one chutney and the other 2 are stocked. Lazy me.

Here Set dosa as it is know is a dosa made of fermented rice flour and udid dal batter or with soaked rice like Sailu made. Set dosa gets its name from the fact that it is served as a set of three small plump n fluffy dosas actually it should be called dosa set but this is again Indian English rather South Indian English. So Set Dosa it is.

In Bangalore Set Dosa is served with sagu and chutney like Sailu does. In Mumbai I found it served with coconut chutney, red chutney and coconut jaggery sweet (Chauri used here). In Chennai it was set dosas made like cocktail pizzas with every kind of topping you can imagine of various colored chutneys along with masala potato bhaaji and even the far fetched cheese and onion. The Chennai platter was a visual treat for sure and should be a hit at any party.

Yet inspite of the colorful arrays what you remember most is the fluffiness and the spongy texture of the dosas.

Here is my recipe for Set Dosas the base of the dish.


1/4 cup split and deskined black lentils/ udid dal
1 cup rice flour

Wash and soak the udid dal for two hours. Grind to smooth paste. Mix in the rice flour and water and make batter slightly thicker than regular dosa batter. This is because the overnight fermenting will release CO2 and water that will further liquefy the batter.

In the morning before making dosas thin it further if required. Add salt and mix well.

Heat a non stick dosa griddle and pour one laddle of batter at a time and make small thick dosas. These dosas are thick and so need to be cooked on both the sides unlike the thin crispy ones.

Serve in sets of three or if you make cocktail ones sets of ten to twelve in a single platter should look good.


  1. looks like haelthy breakfast...

  2. That relish looks like something you could eat all by itself.

  3. what a fluffy and soft dosas!! Great spread

  4. My aunt used to make it all the time. I love set dosai

  5. wow, lovely I love set dosa and it seems easy. Will make this soon. Thanks for sharing

  6. dosas look really good.. and fluffy!

  7. what - no recipe for the pudi?! Come on now...

  8. That picture makes me want to fly down to Bangalore and beg my aunt to make me some or just dash to Woody's. :)

    In Mumbai, very few places make anything to compare. I can barely stand the un-filling paper dosas, and the watery coconut chutney makes me go mad.

    But thanks for this visual treat, Anjali!

  9. Anita pudi is MTR's the dependable.

    Saee go straight to the udipi restaurant opp. Sion station they serve good set dosas and even Neer dosas and appams.

  10. I was motivated to prepare SET DOSA adapting your recipe, I have added a handfull of soaked beaten rice / poha while grinding urad dal . Dosas turned out soft and fluffy. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for letting me know. Always lovely to hear back from readers.


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