Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hey Annites !

Just today I discovered this link to our school site!

I read every bit of it. There are some changes that have happened over the years and you bet they sound good. I saw the Jesus &Mary symbol and it got me looking for my school badge. Yes I have my treasures the white uniform of skirt, blouse, T-shirt and shorts. I don't have the red checks :( though. The school report cards et al with one of it that says, "She looks like an angel when she prays" written by Mrs. Duarte' (secondary school headmistress) !!! The bookmark with "More things are brought to you by prayers than you can imagine" written by Mrs. Radhakrishnan (my Std VIII class teacher). She taught English and Geography and I loved both the subjects beacuse she made them such a pleasure to learn with all the projects.

The website is developed and maintained by Sonia Dhamija, a student of 2004-2005 batch of Std. X. Thanks Sonia its a wonderful gesture :). How about having an Alumni Corner?

Lately I have been catching up online with many of my classmates and it has been such a pleasure to see their pictures with husbands and kids. I feel sheepish for not being in touch with them all these years. Some of the girls travel together with families and spend time together. It must be so much of fun! How I miss all this.

I especially miss my own group, Fatima Nunes, Clotilda Lobo & Rekha Karkera with whom I would walk back home after school everyday! Where are you girls~~~?

I miss all the girls with whom I spent all those years as a child right from montesory to Std. X and the others who were there for lesser no.of years but we passed out together.

  • Christine (Pinky) Fernandes
  • Bhairavi Radhakrishnan
  • Sapna Lala
  • Tasneem Baldiwala
  • Ambareen Poonawala
  • Munira
  • Priya Mathur
  • Tasneem Shikari
  • Nupur Kumar
  • Radha Rangarajan
  • Seema Balani
  • Parina Samra
  • Monica Melwani
  • Aarti Bhatia
  • Ayesha Dhuna
  • Sunila John
  • Lincy Louis

and the twins

  • Ritu & Varsha Damani
  • Razia & Mazia
  • Soumya & Shriya Iyer

I'm connected to

  • Maria D'souza
  • Monisha Bhansali (Gupta)
  • Swati Parekh (Desai)
  • Sunhaila Lalwani (Duggal)
  • Smita Premkumar
  • Manisha Chavan (Krishna)
  • Alpana Kale (Punjwani)
  • Nikita (Phulwani)
  • Rajni Vasawani (Jashnani)
  • Kavita Jaisingh (Jhaveri)
  • Shalaka Jadhav (Gangolli)
  • Alefya Abbasi (Sabir)
  • Ruhi Sivani (Daswani)
  • Rasika Mehra (Jaywant)
  • Priti Nazare
  • Naheed Jaffari
  • Nisreen Karachiwala (Tapia)
  • Tasneem Nalwala (Now Baldiwala, no confusion)
  • Reshma Sabir (Saquib)
  • Pallavi Makhija (Deshpande)
  • Ravina Adnani (Panjabi)

The younger ones

  • Asavari (Rani) Govekar
  • Ashlesha Bapat
  • Smriti Shinde
(The list will grow as I recollect more names)

Say your hellos here and get connected with other Annites.

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