Sunday, August 10, 2008

Silver Metro

Subash and Anitha

Last Tuesday on a whim as it always happens when we meet we decided to go out for lunch to Silver Metro. Though we had eaten many times at Ohri's court we never ate at the neighboring one. Anitha recommended this one.

Say cheese Preeti !

Silver Metro is a theme restaurant. It recreates the feel of a Metro Station. There are two Silver trains with a central platform for dinning. The coaches of the trains have sofas and can seat four at a table. While on the central platform there are table with chairs. The entire area is brightly lit in white light, quite flashy but then we are in a Metro station. There is a bar at the far end for those interested.

Mark and Ramesh can comment on the Non Veg food

I liked the cutlery and the ambiance. It was just right for some noisy conversation with a bubbly group. The table mats and coasters all had the Metro route designed on it. The cutlery showed railway network on it too but not like a map but more like an abstract design with just lines. It definitely indicated a balance by the designer who knew where not to go over the top. The finger bowls were square shaped and like the steel basins in a railway compartment.

Deepa showed her practical attitude by suggesting that we occupy the tables on the platform reason being that this is a buffet restaraunt and we would need to move a lot, so thats what we did. Deepa your suggestion to use the chairs was right, we made so many trips to refill

The food is a whole range of Italian, Chinese, Indian both South Indian and North. The food tasted fantastic! It went something like :

3 veg salads and 1 NV salad
1 Chinese soup and 1 tomato soup
Dimsums both veg and NV
Til vali aloo tikki
Papdi chat
Chilli Aloo
2 types of noodles
Spiced veg rice
Fried fish
2 curries
1 Dal makhani
Steam rice
Assorted rotis
2 types of Papads
6 varieties of yummy pickles

Rice kheer
Cut Fruits
3 types of icecreams
Blackforest and Pineapple pastries

5-6 types Suparis/ Mouth freshners

I might have missed listing a couple of things especially the Non veg as it does not interest me but it could be a deciding factor for many to eat out. The variety was amazing. We were a starved lot and binged with carefree abandon. You have to go real slow to enjoy the food, every dish was well flavored and had a distinct character.

The service though you don't need much in a buffet place was friendly. Here in Bangalore it is customary to ask regular water or hot water and they did ask. The used plates were cleared between courses and refill trips.

This place gets a lot of corporate crowd so becomes a little rushed at peak hours. A railway station is not my idea of a romantic time so would never go there with that in mind but it is good for the kids, family and a chatty group. Its located on the top floor of Total Mall at Madivala.

On the scale of 5 our group rates Silver Metro at an all overall 4.


  1. hi nice review this place near btm layout,..never heard of total mall,..mus be new,..two yrs back forum in korummangla was happenin one..:-), sounds good..;-)

  2. The good part about this place is, they serve hot Phulkas also. Small papad sized, but soft to eat. For those who find it hard to eat Rotis/ naans, this is a good option. btw Anjali, you've managed to use the pictures well,even though they are not so clear.

  3. Yippe My photo is the first one

  4. notyet100: Yes quite close. Its across the road from Madivala Police station. Total is less than a year old. Right! bangalorean still think that Forum is happening at such times I am a true Mumbaikar;).

    Voyager : Yeah see Subash squealing abot his pix being the first one he should thank you for the clarity. Rest all the other pix he took are shaken.

  5. Grrrrrrrrrrrr....dkjlfhskljdfowieur? kdsjfkdjfskds when sdkjfdskjf how dare akjsdkjsd? kjadskjdakj?????
    893749382492384 skldjfsf(*&#$#*(.

    Angeli...Next time, you better make sure you take me too. And Deepa....when are we going to talk next? After a few hunderd years????

  6. There goes the wild cat LOL!!!!!
    Nimmy we are supposed to go ...someone bought a new car remember:D;)!!!
    Hey I have passed on the message so don't blame me.....Deepa you better call her that is Task #1. I don't want prowling, roaring wild cats scaring my delicate hearted readers here!!!!

  7. LoL!!! Haaaaaa. haaaaa. :D
    Ask Deepa to go Deep Dive.

  8. Hey Anjali, That was really a great experience you had. thank you for sharing with us.
    Here is a blog link i'm sharing with you in which you can find more themed restaurants in bangalore.


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