Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Aloo Tikki

Right now in my team we have 4 soon to be Mommies. They were past the nausea stage and were craving for yummy food so sometime ago we ladies shared our food. We are a total of 14 ladies, one is in Pune so she was not able to join us.

We decide that each one should bring in food enough for the entire group. The menu was declared and the planning was done well in advance.

Pasting here parts of the thank you notes that came from the Mommies-to-be to give you an idea of how much we freaked out on the food!

Mommie #1 says
"Thanks a ton gals for everything.
It was especially special since this would not have been done at my place this time (not usually done for 2nd child). Plus timing was perfect – my 7th month!"


Mommie #2 says
Just now back from scan…I saw my baby swimming and dancing.. I think it is happy with the food I had yesterday.
Thanks a lot to all sweet ladies for making it most memorable day in my life. I have never experienced such good, tasty, yummy.., fabulous, terrific, fantastic…….. food ever before. I think its all because of love, care, warmth and excitement you all had put in.
Thanks a lot once again.
With lots lots lots of love"
"Special mention for Nazia’s Masala Baingan. It really awakened our taste buds.
Thanks for initiating such an event. And yes the aloo tikki, poori & cutlet
Mamatha & Anitha, thank you for the Pooja arrangements. Krithika…the silent worker…silently did her part in closing the Pooja ceremony.
For those who missed……Okay here goes the menu:
Masala Baingan: Nazia (truly tasty)
Chole & Chapatis: Sapna (Special mention Mr. Who took the pain to drop his Mrs. to the venue just in time)
Masala/ Khara Poori
Pinapple float & Chatni powder
Aloo tikki
Bisi Bele bhat: Mamatha Mohan (not to forget Mohan Who has helped in cutting Vegetables )
Veg Pulav with Raita: Rashmi (the new cook in the team)
Mysore Pak & Dharwad Peda
Gulab Jamun: Sapna
Kaju Pakoda: Mamatha Srirama (last entrant but managed not to miss out on the fun)
Yummy Curdrice: Anitha (wondering whats special with this?? This was topped with All sorts of dry fruits & Pomengranate)
And the grand Finale…Trifle Pudding: Nazia (Just the right amount of sweet and heavenly taste)
Thanks once again. This event will never be forgotten."
Lots of love,
Mommie #3

A day of sharing our food and it has done us a lot of good. We are closer to each other now all 14 of us. I hear 14 voices echo in Blr and 1 from Pune though she missed all the fun.
Post this event they started asking for the recipe of Aloo Tikki so here it is gals.
4 boiled potatoes
1/2 cup bread crumbs
salt to taste
oil to fry

Coconut chutney for filling

1/2 coconut
2 handfuls cilantro
4-5 green chilies
1/2 teaspoon sugar
1 inch piece of tamarind

Grind all items together with just enough water to be able to run the grinder. Save. You will not use all the chutney for stuffing and the remaining can be served on the side.

Knead together the boiled potatoes and bread crumbs along with salt. Make balls and shape into cups. Stuff them with a spoonful of coconut chutney. Close the cups and shape into a ball again. Flatten it between the palms. The flattening makes it easy to fry the tikki on the griddle with less oil. Fry till reddish on both sides.
Serve with any chatpata chutney like date-tamarind or even ketchup is ok. The ladies ate just like that without any dip.

The difference between women and man is women appreciate it when they are treated like a million bucks!!!


  1. Hey Anjali!

    I've never eaten chutney-filled tikkis; only chutney-stuffed "paap-lates" :p

    Will try these definitely!

  2. thankings :-) Am going to make this at home this weekend :-)

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