Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Where Vanity Rules

I am not a follower of TV programs but do catch up with some as my Dad likes to watch them. Saptak was a contestant in the TV program Lux Junoon Kuchh Kar Dikhaane Ka. An amazing singer. He got eliminated last week due least no. of votes in the public ranking.

Saptak cried and I cried with him! He has been singing consistently and scoring well with the judges. Inspite of that lack of public votes got him out. His last outburst wrenched my heart. He cried out, " I give 500% of my singing to this stage yet that is not enough! You have to look good, be in good shape........"

In the world of TV and other media looks and glamour over rules talent. That is the truth!

This is percolating in our personal life too. Corporates now look for fit and dashing leads besides having a talent. Less talked about the marriage scenario the better.

Saptak said a goodbye to this show with Main Shayar Badnam and promised he will keep improving on his singing skills.

For some one who has struggled with weight and medical problems I understand his pain yet in this world of survival of the fittest here is message for Saptak:

"You must fit into the requirements of the glamour world, we want you to be a winner. Wish you luck for it and hope to see more of you!"


  1. I have not seen this show, but feel bad for him, it is sad but true that in these shows, apperances count more than talent.
    Being overweight should not overshadow your singing skills, look at Adnan Sami..
    I hope it does not dishearten a talented and hardworking singer like him.

  2. I havent watched this show either but this syndrome you were talking about is something that has come to my thoughts too....something which is there in all the realms of life, unfortunately!


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