Monday, August 25, 2008

Fast Forward Danish Braid

and a savory version with Onion and beans bhaaji.

I saw Danish braid pastry here and was surprised at the inhibitions she has shed about baking. Kudos to you Shilpa!

I made two, one with the standard apple filling and the other with onion and beans bhaaji.

This is a Fast Forward version of the original recipe with some changes I made. Since this baking was done on a Sunday evening for dinner I did not want it to be too buttery an neither did I want it to be kept for proofing for 5 hrs and the refrigeration eliminated all together. I don't see the need for it as this is not phyllo dough that needs to be flaky after baking. This is just laminated yeasted dough.


1. Oil instead of butter
2. Eliminated Egg wash. Infact no wash required at all.
3. Proofed for 1 hr for first rise. Then filled the pastry with apple stuffing and bhaaji. Braided both and then allowed it to puff up for another 1 hr.
4. Substituted orange zest with Instant orange drink powder, I used new Rasna which is like Tang.
5. Used Rasna orange juice.
6. Omitted cinnamon in the apple filling and allowed the natural flavors of apple to dominate.
7. Used Onion and beans bhaaji for a savory version. This is the one we loved more than the sweet one. This bhaaji recipe will be posted separately as it is truly tasty and versatile on its own with chapati or as stuffing for veg pies, savory tartlets or puff pastries besides Danish Braid.


  1. Beautiful, Anjali!

  2. Great job done on the danish braid Anjali. They look beautiful. I am yet to make a savory version (and I am sure I would love that more than the sweet version).

  3. delicious braids! Its in my list of must-try and u've reminded me again about it! The savory version looks great!

  4. with that savoury filling, it has got to taste spectacular. beautiful braid.

  5. Shilpa if youre making the dough just for the savory version give the cardamom a skip.The sugar in the dough too can be reduced to half.

    Anita, nirmala and bee you girls simply got to try it out!


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