Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beetroot Akki Roti

We have become lazy people after being on diet for a while now. No one likes to go shopping for vegetables and we end up eating variety of dishes with just tomato and onion. You won't even find cilantro in our fresh herbs corner. So after much whining I saw two beetroots find way to our home.

Then there was the rice flour that has stayed good for 4 months without seeking attention. Now I need to use it I thought. So it was Beetroot Akki Roti for lunch today.


1 beetroot grated
1 cup heaped rice flour
2 green chilies
20 curry leaves
1 teasppoon sambhar powder
water to knead

Knead together all the ingredients with water enough to make a pliable dough.

Take a quarter plate and grease the backside. Divide the dough into six balls. Pat one ball on the quarter plate. Put the non stick pan on high heat. Invert the plate into the non stick pan. After 5 mins the flattened dough will peel off easily. Remove the plate. Roast the Akki roti on both side with minimum oil till you see dark spots on the roti.

Make it extra crisp if you like it that way by reducing the heat and roasting for longer.

The beetroot Akki roti tasted absolutely delicious with sambhar powder giving a spicy dimension to the sweet beetroot. Traditionally sambhar powder is not added to Akki roti and did I say Beetroot Akki roti is traditional? Just enjoy madi!

Also find here Avare Kaalu Akki Roti.

Just enjoyed Beetroot Akki Roti with Avre kaalu Saru and creamy Tomato Rice

Right now listening to and off for my sunday afternoon siesta before I leave for an engagement.


  1. Nice idea to add beetroot to roti.

  2. Never heard one this before very unique recipe.

  3. I first tried akki roti a year back when I read about it in u're blog. It tasted fabulous with a mango pickle. And this is again drawing me to make some. Thanks Anjali! they were colorful.

  4. Oh wow! Nirmala nice to know you were introduced to akki roti right here!

  5. nice idea of adding beetroot to rotti nice color

  6. this is a gorgeous roti. it's a great way to make kids eat beetroot.

  7. Such a creative dish! Beetroot akki rotti looks so beautiful.

  8. nice idea adding beetroot in roti..

  9. Wow! looks pretty! AvarekaLu must be in season now in Bangalore!

    BTW, there is something waiting for you on my food blog!

  10. I make akki rottis very often..Beetroot akki rotti is new to me..Lovely color and a must try..


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