Thursday, May 03, 2007

Weekend Projects

A tote bag

Lace for someone special (I see the grin)

Kurta with crocheted trimmings

Shilpa my friend and colleague wanted to know what I do besides cooking on weekends. She always wonders what keeps me busy as I don't go out on every weekend like she does. Then she throws up her hands saying how I have the patience for all this stuff.

Sangeeta a keen embroidery fan was interested to see my new projects. She has two wardrobes full of handcrafted clothes designed by herself her speciality Punjabi suits. I'm thinking of looting them some day.

So for them posting these pictures. Me think after sometime my food blog will need to change the classification ;).


  1. wow Anjali, nice and beautifull embroidery it is long since i left all this. Really you have great patience

  2. I love doing all this stuff myself. I know embroidery but not sewing. Do you sew and do embroidery? or just embroidery? I am planning to put some designs on my plain saree and will post it on my site soon.

  3. you have an amazing blog. My MIL too does this kind of work. loved all your recipes and will come back for more. you have nice pics too.

  4. Hey Anjali,

    You are greatman,,apart from busy schedule,,you knead too,,huh!!!

    hey who is that some one special:))

  5. Oh my god this is so beautiful, excellent work Anjali. I always wanted to knit but never got a chance to learn. your finish looks extremely clean and crisp

    Good job !!!

  6. Very impressive, Anjali! I don't know crochet much but I can knit! And embroider too! I used to sew my clothes too. Lately, my knitting project just linger - I am working on a sweater for myself for the last two years. Well, the knitting season is short - just a couple of months :-) You can't bear to hold wool in the summers!

  7. Hi Anjali,
    First time commenting here. wow! what a creative person you are. Have always wanted to learn how to crochet but too lazy! you just might have inspired me!!:-))

  8. Anjali, you are full of surprises! The tote bag is way cool!

  9. that's beautiful work, anjali. you are very talented.

  10. Wow! gals you make me feel so good with all those comments.

    Gals did you know that crochetting, knitting is almost like meditation. Helps cool down hot heads like me ;).

    Lata I look forward to your stuff. I used to sew using a m/c. I don't have one here in blr. I made 6 cushion covers and 4 futon covers all by hand 2 yrs ago when I came to blr and no TV around for a month.

    Sharmi thanks.

    Ushi...yeah I love to knead ;), knit, embroider, chum the great handcrafter mentioned in this post.

    Sreelu your sweet.

    Anita hope you have enough wool for the whole sweater. I startered one for Dad in winter some years ago with very high quality wool. Its been lying around for many years but am not able to get same wool now. Dad teases me he has maintained his health to fit into the sweater when its done.

    Manisha thanks for the kindness.

    Bee ...awww (:*

  11. Anjali...I just saw your comment on my Vishu special post and noted that you had stayed at keraleeyam on the banks of the Vembanadu Lake, If both of us talking about the same place, I have a picture of one of their cottages in the slide show, in that same post..hope you noticed it :)

    Btw, I just loved your embrodiery works...I was never good with needle and thread , so I admire people who shows such great talents :)

    Good Day !

  12. hey shn I missed the slide show before....yeah it is !

  13. Beautiful tote bag! You should sell them!


  14. Kanchana, only after I exhaust my list of people I have to gift to I guess ;).

  15. these are beautiful. such neat finishing.


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