Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fig Sauce

Figs are not exactly glamorous looking fruits. Infact it is not actually a fruit but the receptacle. To see the flowers you got to cut the fig tells wiki. Hence the myth that the flowers of the fig tree are invisible.

The fruit tastes amazing when ripe. It is sweet with a fragrance that is delicate.

Vidya Auntie got this bag of figs for us. It was a great timing as I had planned my party just then and had freezed in on the desert to be Date n Chocolate Cake. So fig sauce was a good idea for the dressing. It is simple to make and was easily voted the best at the party.

All you need is :


2 cups Figs

1 cup sugar

half lemon juice.

Peel the figs. The skin would come off easy if ripe if it cannot be peeled then not right for this sauce. Halve the figs. Put everything in a saucepan heat on high till you bet a boil. Simmer till the figs are soft and just about to loose shape into the sauce yet you see the chunks. Remove from heat when sticky. The preserve is ready and can be consumed refrigerated for a week.

I decorated the cake with it. You can also have it with bread/ toast or even make chapati wrap with it.

We love fruity cakes to the rich creamy ones and the fig sauce has an enormous repeat value is all I can say.

To all the fig lovers like Indira, bee and a convert yours truly!


  1. Tempting as usal. Figs are good for digestion system

  2. Love this post, so nutritious too. Tks for sharing the recipe. Viji

  3. hey the sauce looks yum, love those figs :) I make a fig shake with dried figs

    hope u post the cake recipe as well!!

  4. OMG, you were able to save them for the sauce? between us j and i would have eaten the whole lot of figs in a minute or two. we love them so much.

  5. Thanks for this easy recipe of Fig Sauce, I used as a Jam on Bagle as morning breadfast.Nice blog.

  6. Guys thanks for your comments. Your feedbacks are welcome when you try it out.


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