Friday, May 11, 2007

Koli Non-Veg Taat (Thal Part VI)

Here is the typical Koli Taat. The spread is not always so elaborate but made on special occassions. It would ideally consist of a vegetable, rice, roasted fish or fried fish, fish curry and rice roti. Last time I visited my village this was made for the NVs.

You have also seen the Veg Taat in the Thal Part III made by my Aaji. Like I mentioned in the veg Taat post rice and coconut are indigenous ingredients of a Koli meal. Both the rice and rice roti are enjoyed in the same meal and that is what separates a Koli meal from any other platter in Maharashtra. The curries are made with coconut or without depending on what type of fish is cooked in it. It is seen that the sweeter tasting fish get a coconut base while the stronger smelling are cooked just with the Koli masala.

The famed Koli masala is made annually and stocked in homes. It is a special blend of spices and essentially incorporates all the ingredients of a garam masala plus more. It also indicates that a Koli woman is a busy woman and does not have time for spending on selecting whole spices or preparing separate masalas for every curry on a daily basis. She loves all her spices in a single masala balanced in careful proportions and just a spoon or two of it elevates her daily meals to new heights that the family swears by and is loved by everyone who tastes it outside the family too.

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