Tuesday, May 15, 2007


These Wraps are simple and easy way of disposing leftover stuff. Mom used to make parathas and now Dad makes these wraps.

We at home are a family that hates eating the same thing a second time round. Being brought up in a family where Mom and Aunts made fresh food 4 times a day for 18 people there never was leftover food to be eaten. If at all it was left it was given to Kamal our helper. If there were large quantities then most of the time the leftovers had to be turned into unrecognizable stuff. Most times veggies became cutlets or parathas. It is only after moving out of the joint family we started looking at leftovers more seriously. Also the heck that even though we were just 2 people I ended up with food for four till the time I seriously measured and made just for two.

I hate cabbage in the form of bhaaji. I like stir fries and salad but not bhaaji. So inevitably when cabbage bhaaji is made it has to get carried over to disgust. Dad loves the cabbage bhaaji. So to make me eat the bhaaji and enjoy it too he made these wraps. I loved them.

Wraps can be made from any thing like fresh salads, leftover or fresh bhaajis even sweet fillings.


Any filling (salads, stir fries, bhaaji, sweet fillings)
Chapati dough

For this recipe there are no proportions, one does not require any. All you have to have is some chapati dough that you would anyway have ready. A filling you can dream of cheese n spinach, coconut jaggery, grated salad, paneer bhurji almost anything. Roll out the chapati. In the center spread about 2-3 table spoons of the filling and roll it up like a swiss roll. Seal the ends by pinching the dough or folding by wetting your hand. Shallow fry the rolls in very little oil. These rolls are a good change from the usual parathas. It can be a good lunchbox item and travel food as it is non messy.

The Wraps taste much better than they look in these pictures. I tried to make them look sexy but ended up with the pictures shot in 2 different modes. Don't go by looks you got to try these out for yourselves.

Dad served with Date tamarind chutney and Homemade tomato sauce (coming soon).


  1. this is ddiffernt. most people make wraps with cooked chapatis. your dad is a cool, innovative guy.

  2. Yeah Bee the use of dough instead of cooked chapati makes the dish more whole unlike the separate tastes of cooked chapati wraps. The shallow frying gives it a crunch. My Dad is cool in everyway :). Thanks dear.

  3. first i thought its a usual chapati wraps anjali. but now i got to learn someother way of making wraps. thats one cool idea. and shallow frying is much better than deep frying for me:) the pictures are really tempting. as soon as i checked ur blog i went and had my lunch:)

  4. chapati wraps...wow!!!cool different one ..thks to your dad

  5. Lucky you, getting served these yummy wraps from dad. Nice idea

  6. hello anjali
    wraps loooks different and yummy. i think i should try this. thanks for sharing. i started bloging recently. u can see my blog at www.spiceweb.blogspot.com

  7. hello Anjali
    wraps look really simple and delicios. i visit ur site frequently and enjoy ur recipes. i started blogging recently and u can see my blog at www.spiceweb.blogspot.com


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