Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Wheat Noodles with Raw Mango N Pearl Onion Dal

Talk of pasta and you think Italian. India has many of its own too. There is one called Dal Dhokli of Gujarathi, Rajasthani origin where diamonds are cut out from rolled out chapati dough and cooked in thick dal. Many would put it into one of those to die for comfort foods list.

In the beginning of this summer we had some raw mangoes on hand. So Dad did "and Baba present the Wheat Noodles with Raw Mango N Pearl Onion Dal"!


For the Wheat Noodles:

1 cup Chapati dough

Keep a large vessel of water to boil. In it press the chapati dough using a shev press to get wheat noodles. Use a medium sized die. Simmer for 10 mins and drain on to a mesh.

For Raw Mango N Pearl Onion Dal
1 cup cooked tur dal/ yellow lentils
1/4 cup raw mango pieces bit sized
1/4 pearl onions peeled
1 table spoon fine chopped tomatoes
1 table spoon crushed jaggery
2 teaspoon oil
1/4 teaspoon turmeric
1 teaspoon red chili powder
1 cup water
salt to taste.
chopped cilantro for garnish

Heat oil in a vessel. Fry the pearl onions till pink. Add the tomatoes and cook till they are paste like. Add the cooked dal and boil for 5 mins with jaggery, salt and raw mango.

To serve put the wheat noodles in a bowl and drown them in the yummy Raw Mango N Pearl Onion Dal and enhance the steamy bowl with chopped cilantro. Rarely will anyone say they didn't like it. Suggested this recipe to my friend who is entertaining some Germans right now.


  1. Dad ki Jay Ho !!!!

    Why doesnt dad start a food blog of his own or write a cook book ? He is so really creative!

    Lovely recipe Anjali. Must try this out

  2. can i borrow your dad? i haven't met him, but i love him.

  3. wow
    i luv the wheat noodles
    vl try sometime and let u know

  4. Hay this sounds different to me...Lovely recipe....nice pictures...

  5. Hey Anjali, Just now I saw this blog and going to try right now. I was telling my mom in the morning that we should try Ragi noodles. Now I got one more idea. Thanks for this..

  6. Yes Subha thats a great idea. Let me know how it turns out.


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