Friday, May 04, 2007

Jyoti's घर दोघांचं!

घर दोघांचं! A house for two.

I have not seen this movie but if I don't I will have to deal with Jyoti I know.

Jyoti is a very talented girl full of energy. If I have to list out the many faces she wears it would be a Japanese linguist by profession, a kathak dancer by training and an actress by interest too. She gives a lot of herself to be able to do all of this simply because she loves to entertain people. I know something is wrong with her if I don't see the twinkle in her eyes that is so infectious.

I met her online through a group that has a lot of value in both our lives. Then she came to Blr to work some months ago. I remember how excited we both were about it. This girl is much younger than me but we gel well. I was very upset when she moved all of a sudden to Mumbai just recently and I was informed about it later. I do understand her situation though. What I like about her is she does things quietly without the excess noise about her activities.

Jyoti has been acting in amateur plays and has been part of Shiamak Davar's dance group too. घर दोघांचं! is her first big break in films. I don't watch Marathi movies unless they are recommended by friends as a must watch. Yet घर दोघांचं! is going to be an exception. I request all Marathi speaking, Marathi understanding people to watch the movie and cheer for her. I am going to watch it Just for you Jyoti!
Hip Hip Hurray!!!

Read the movie review here.


  1. Request accepted. Thanx for sharing.

  2. by the way, या चित्रपटाची पटकथा लिहीणाऱ्या लेखा त्रैलोक्य ह्या ,माझ्या बायकोच्या मामेबहीण आहेत.

  3. HKJ Blogs give some connection isn't it!

  4. मन ज़ाले फ़ितुर आज….जीव तुज़्यावर ज़ड्ला…
    -सागर धिवार

  5. Sagar thats for Jyoti? or is it a song in the movie...

  6. हो हे ज्योतीसाठीच आहे…
    तसाही तीच्यावर जीव हा आहेच…
    आणि ती माज़ी मैत्रीण आहे, ह्य़ाचा मला सार्थ अभिमान आहे… {:)
    keep the same work Jyoti…keep it up!
    -सागर धिवार

  7. Yes, this is one of my Song in the movie :)
    Thank you so much Anjali tai & do watch the show Nandanwan as well :)
    Thank you SagarD for watching my movie with your friends & family :)
    Happy Diwali to Annaparabrahma members :)


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