Monday, May 21, 2007

Produce from Thal ( Thal Part VII )

Guess them right....
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updated: 22/05/07

Syzygium samarangense or Wax apple called Jamb in India

To the all those who answered correctly. Did I see a halo around your heads ;). Atleast Anita warned me about Manisha's. So Yay! She was bang on and so was Sia, Sra, Madhuli. Anita they are jam pronounced as Jamb not the jam /marmalade that bee talks about here.

Jamb halved to show the spongy juicy center

This unpolished Kolam rice is from our field in Thal. It is sweet and fragrant. It is small grained and finds no mention in wiki. It is considered a rich man's rice in Maharashtra. As a kid I did not like to eat the unpolished rice as we were used to the polished varieties. Now when I value it I cannot get it unless I am in Thal.

The pomegranate plant in front of our home in bloom and the infant fruit.

The onions woven together to form a bouquet called Kandya chi Veni. These are stored for the year and used mostly as salad with roti.

The Raw mango or Kairi as in most Indian languages spiced with red chili powder and salt for a hot afternoon binge while chilling out under swaying palms in Thal.

The Son Chapha, Sampige, Champa flower that smells so sweet it even makes an ice maiden melt. Reminds me of the romantic song chapha bole naa ...chapha chale naa where the lover calls his muse a champa flower and tries to seduce her.

So you know why Thal make my heart go Boom..boom...


  1. oh anjali,
    i am going ga-ga over jamuns. we have got big tree of jamuns in backyard(ma's place) and they produce the sweetest and juicy jamuns... and that Pomegranate flowers!!! lucky girl:)

  2. and that flower is champa or sampige what we call... i love its smell especially the saffron colcoured sampige...

  3. rose apples, some kind of rice or coconut prep, pomegranate flower, mango slices, rose apples bisected, champak flower?, pomegranate fruit and flower

  4. from top to bottom: cashew nut fruit, pomegranate flower, mangoes smeared with red chilli powder, sampangi flower, the first one cut into two, pomegranate (infant).... where did you find them?

  5. oops missed the second photo.... coconut rice?

  6. Oh, I so know that first fruit - I had it in Goa, but can't recall the name - will need to look at my notes :-)

    Looks like the season for quizzes! Watch out for that Manisha: she knows everything!

  7. the recipe you requested.

  8. It's been ages since I ate jam! Drool!

  9. that's's been years since i had that!

  10. I knew everything else though :-)

  11. I've heard of colam rice (i saw it spelt that way), only knew that it was supposed to be short-grain, and so suggested as the indian rice substitute for Italian risotto!


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