Monday, May 14, 2007

Sprouts Dahi Misal

For the upcoming model Nishu!

A bird returned to the nest recently along with the chicklings and aunty Anjali had to fix up a la carte meal for a tween who was conscious of what she was eating. So it was Sprouts Dahi Misal for her.

She asks me, "Do you make soft puris? I love them but for now something healthy."

We shared a fun filled afternoon together with hilarious stories of how she weeds out non veg in the salad at school in a distant land informing me, "You never know what they serve". That was knowledge transfer she thinks. We were in splits about my drowning act in Goa. She loves my story of how tsunami was created when all the guys counted down to relieve themselves all together and at once. Of cuz P and his lost pants in the wave pool was her story and I guffawed. She is half Keralite so she got an Amar Chitra Katha on Shivaji from me to remind her of her Marathi roots even though her Mom prefers otherwise, Nancy Drew for our common love. She also wanted an easy hindi learning book as thats her target now.

Meanwhile lunch is served and she digs into her plate of sprouts misal.


1/2 cup moong sprouts boiled Or seasoned (usal/usli)

1/2 chopped onion

1/2 lemon juice

handful shev

1/4 cup Chivda

some cilantro chopped

1/2 cup curd

Mix together moong sprouts, onions, lemon juice. Remove to a deep dish or soup dish. Top it with curds, chivda, shev and cilantro in that order. Enjoy the healthy Sprouts Dahi Misal. Health ka Health, Maza ka Maza.


  1. Hey Anjali Who is she?Updating model:))...yummy sprouts Dahi misal.....

  2. i love sprouts anything. will replace the chivda with salty breakfast cereal, though. tx. for the recipe.

  3. Excellent work...It is so colourful..I love it.

  4. Yummy I add dahi to chivada with onions but never did I add moong dal. Great idea. I like your label "slim-n-trim"

  5. Looks at her,she is great model!!;D
    Very healthy and light Misal.I loved to eat Misal in Belgaum,with all the wadis in there too,bad stuff!!;D

  6. Ushi yeah you meaning upcoming model she is ;) with all the NRIs coming to India for bolywood.

    Bee go ahead make it more healthy.

    SR it tastes even better.

    Sreelu when you have a tongue which craves for goodies the category has to be packaged to perfection else the word diet will shoo anyone away. Aim was to be motivated to expand the category.

    Asha yeah the traditional misal has all the fried leftovers in shops and is extremely hot and oily. This one is much lighter though.


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