Monday, April 28, 2008


My Rock garden Foodscape with Mushrooms and Baby potatoes is ready to go to
Click @ Jugalbandi

Foodscapes was for me was a new word until last week. My dear friend Sangeeta sent me a pps. showing the work of British photographer Carl Warner. I was simply awestruck. The word is a derivative of food+landscape.

This post has to go to Click for Au Naturel this month before 30th April. So we still got 2 days to decide. Help me, won't you?

Vote for this picture if you think it is a better one to go to Au Naturel

Bee said I have to send her pictures of food in natural form and should be easily identified in natural form. On this basis my previous post is withdrawn. She and Jai get to vote first.

Updated: 30th April 08

Now that it is the last day of sending the entry. I can now let the secret out.

Bee and Jai are smart they created a tie, but did they guess what was up?

Arundhati is the only one who voted for the first picture but for a good reason.

With this post I conclude the Fool's month started off by Manisha and Anita.

All those who voted for the second picture, do think think it fits the Au Naturel theme?

You didn't have a clue, didn't you?

Observe carefully, the women is selling toy fruits made of

April Fool on the last day of the month!


  1. one of us likes the first one, the other likes the second one more. was that helpful? :D

  2. first one for the originality and second for the colors! :) sorry!

  3. anjali, did you send your entry in? 'cos we haven't received it.

  4. Yes Bee I just did. Thanks for checking.

  5. Ahhh! You certainly got me there! Great way to *end* the April Fool's month - and that, too, without giving it away till the end. Now that's a great trick!


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