Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Mirch ka Salan with Qabuli

Mirch ka Salan and Qabuli
with Tomato onion raita, papad and masala buttermilk

This was our lunch on sunday. It was a proper Hyderabadi vegetarian meal can you believe it! Mirch ka Salan with a veg biryani. Yes home cooking allows you that freedom even if it is not traditional.

I followed Vee's recipe after studying couple of recipes. I used these chilies and thinking I don't want to be set on fire I removed the innards of the chilies. The salan turned out too tame. I expected a heat from it that I did not achieve. Next time I'll leave the innards of half the chilies in place and if I survive and keep all of them in place! Mirch ka salan jala nahi to kuch nahi :D (If there is no fire then you don't know what you missed). Atleast for its name there has to be enough fire. Be brave all yaa foodies. Look who is talking!

Gosh that fry the paste till it leaves oil is a pain and I used raw peanuts to top it. It is a big mistake roasted peanuts is what Vee had told to use. I should have followed that.

The salan turned out a little thicker I should have left it a little more thinner. Yet I loved the taste.

The Qabuli was from Bee& Jai's recipe. Here I followed most of it except I used 1 tablespoon kasuri methi inplace of fresh greens and did not decorate it with those tempting cashews you see in the picture in their version.

The pairing was excellent!

Thank you Vee and Bee and Jai for your recipes.

P.S: was missing Khubani ka meetha


  1. no cashews? i don't really like biryanis except for the nuts i can pick out. glad you liked it.

  2. Bee I liked this one as the taste is less complex than the usual veg biryanis.

    Oh you too like to do it! that's why I din't add any!

  3. I am not a great fan of Hyderabadi food, coz of the spice, but the pic looks really interesting :-)

  4. hey Voyager

    The spices in Mirch ka salan and qabuli are not really overwhelming nor hot. I think I should have brought it for you to taste but then it would have been stale.

  5. looks yum. wats the spice level?

  6. wow Anjali, this looks great :).


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