Saturday, August 28, 2010

Two Pizzas I: Baby Corn, Capsicum, Tomato, Gouda

I used Pizza base from "Daily Bread" I avoided butter altogether. Layered the veggies, Capsicum slices, Tomatoes sliced into 8 pieces and Baby corn sliced on top. Sprinkled some crushed garlic. Finally covered with slices of Gouda cheese from Amul. In a pre-heated oven baked this pizza @ 250 deg centigrade till the base showed browning on the side and the cheese was completely molten, about 20 mins. Removed it from the oven and sprinkled with some dried rosemary and thyme.

The taste of a home baked pizza is always superlative. The large pieces of tomatoes tasted luscious. The gouda sealed the veggies perfectly onto the base and gave that effect of stretchy cheese we love to have on the pizza. I served it with ketchup as I had not used any sauce to spice up the pizza. What I noted was Gouda releases a lot of fat at high temperature making the pizza rich even though we have skipped butter or oil completely.

This series is for my colleague Seema as she revel in the pleasure of baking with her new LG microwave oven.

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