Thursday, August 26, 2010

Homecoming breakfast

Goda masala and Kanda lasun chutney that Dad bought from Gondavale and a homecoming breakfast for him of Idli Chutney and Sheera.

At times I want just 4 Idlis for a quick serving. I have not cleaned the Idli stand for a breakfast of idli chutney, sambar or both. That's when I have started using the vatis/ bowls. In any pan I put water bring it to a boil. Fill the vatis with idli hittu and steam with cover lid. LO! you have idlis out in a jiffy and a stuffed tummy. Plus each time  you have fresh steamed idlis. I am addicted to this tip. Sometimes I sprinkle some coconut oil over hot idlis in the bowl itself and powder them with chutney pudi. Then scoop up morsels with a spoon straight from the vati.

Come back again to see in what recipes I am using the Goda masala and Kanda lasun chutney I am teasing you with...


  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the idea of slathering oil on a hot idli, powdering it with chutney pudi and eating straight off the vaati. Perfect for a lonely meal! Except, I'd probably replace the oil with home-made white butter! :D (I am never going to lose pre and post preggo fat!)

  2. Saee yeah when it is a home alone meal it has to be hottest :)I love white butter on my crisp dosas but indulge rarely else it is always no fat dosas for me. Don't worry about the fat, wait till Avanee starts crawling.

  3. I like idli, ghee and chutney pudi combo very much. Aaiga goda masala baghun ekdam bharun aala:(

  4. Khaugiri I can share it with you :). Tell me where to send it? or if you can come to pick it up. I am close by.

  5. Hey, just thought you girls may be interested in this recipe for goda masala ( It's my great-gran's and that's the only one we ever use!

  6. hi
    I found your site today, great!!!
    I am going to read it completely and will comment again

  7. Once this packet is over I'll try your family recipe Saee. I remember seeing it and had wanted to make it instantly.

    Mahek welcome here. I look forward to your comments.


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