Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Papanus Antidote for Maiyya's Gujarati Thali

In Marathi we call it Papanus, it is seen growing in the Konkan area. Papanus is a large fruit anything between 10-15 cms diameter. It's appearance in the bazaar beckons the Ganpati festival for me. The Ganpati sthapana is incomplete without this fruit. Like all fruits and large sized ladoo and Modak this is a must have display in front of the Lord.

We await the cutting up of the Papanus and separating the segments. Sprinkles of fine sugar or salt or a dash of chili powder and it is ready to be relished.
The fresh flavors of mild citrusy flavor with a tinge of bitterness is characteristic of this fruit that the Englishman call Pomelo.

We found a fresh looking Papanus and got Dad to cut it immediately after we returned from the grocery shopping and eat out at Maiyya's, Jayanagar. I prepared it and kept it for chilling in the fridge for our evening meal. Yes we went raw that evening.

Maiyya's has started a Gujarati Thali. This place is neat. They serve the food in copper thali and katoris. (It reminded me of  the olden days when we would hear Kalai-wala shouting out and women rushing out to get them tin plated.)

The waiters speak Kannada, what should I expect. No special dress code. A welcome drink of Jaljira with South Indian boondi floating on it. I ignored the glitch. The rhythmic service of plonked bhaajis on your platter and rest of the many items.

There was small katori of soup, Cauliflower dry, Mutter Paneer, Channa Masala, Khati Meethi Dal, samosa, they called it Kachumbar it was zunka!, cookie sized Puranpoli, biscuit sized bhakari and brittle too, Thepla was authentic- I had 2, plain rice, veg pulav, dahi vada, boondi raita, green chutney was good, pickle with vinegar - not gujjju, 1 small kala jamun, 1 cham cham, curd, their usual fruit cubes with icecream and badam milk and concluded by paan.

Everything was very good quality was sweet tasting and made with ghee. Both me and Dad could not eat half of the food. It was a confused wanna be Gujju Thali meant for a Gujju born and brought up in South India. I found the flavours were something I could not identify with. Having grown in Gujju dominated Fort,  Mumbai for 8 formative years of my life, the Gujju food I know is different; adding jaggery and ghee and  using South India sambar powder for the curries does not make it Gujju.

Koi emne Maharaj moklavi dio. Someone send them a true blue Gujju Maharaj (cook) please.

Chaalo even if they lack authenticity, Maiyya's food quality is very good. Power to pure ghee, long live the Indian Paula Deen. We love their authentic South Indian Thali more. They should stick to it. 

Well well but who cares what I feel I guess because We went there at 1 pm, went straight to the 3rd floor for  the Gujarati Thali. When we came down around 2pm there were hoards of Bangaloreans lined up and  We almost felt like a celebrity trying to find our way out through the indisciplined Deshwasis, my bros and sis. 


  1. Hey anjali, chanced upon your blog while surfing the web.. loving your wonderful collection here..i book marked some, have to go through some more..
    the papanus, took me down memory lane.. we used to it a lot back at home.
    will b visiting often take care :)

  2. Hi, I am planning to visit Bangalore and this time I want to try out some new foods. Can you suggest some good restaurants for this? I am thinking of Kerala, Konkani, Gujarati foods which I have never tasted before.


  3. Havent seen and eaten this in a long long time :). nice pics

  4. Aipi thanks for your comments and will be on ur blogs soon.

    Rainee off the head I can reco Coconut grove at church street for Kerala food there is one at Koramangala but I haven't tried it.

    Chaitrali thanks.

    Vinaya go get it dear, fruits are good for you.


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