Friday, August 13, 2010

No Prep Papdi chaat

When people are out guzzling beer 
We feast on Papdi Chaat and Foamy Mosambi Juice

There are many of my friends who love their hard drinks and most often on weekends they plan for a chill out at the bar or pub. My idea of a chilled out weekend is quite different, even while I was in Mumbai I would love to relax at home and do things I would not get to do on weekdays. Like reading the newspaper from end to end. Cooking elaborate meals. That is an obsession you would say and the proof is this blog. Do some embroidery. Read some book which I had bought and did not get time. My weekends were never of "nothing to do so went to the pub" or "planned a party with friends at the pub". In that sense I was brought up as a conservative. So while others guzzle beer we feast on freshly extracted frothy Mosambi juice  or such and our Chakna ( a typical Mumbai term used for salty snacks that accompany drinks) is some chat item. The picture shows Papdi chat was on the menu one such weekend.

I had some ragda leftover and had boiled potatoes in the afternoon while making lunch so putting this together was really quick and easy. What made it healthier is we did not have shev at home so I skipped it completely. I did not want to make any chutneys so used Maggi red chilli sauce. It turned out quite nice.


1 cup ragda
2 onions fine chopped on a mandolin
1/2 cilantro, fine chopped
20 kadak puris/ papdi
1 cup boiled and cubed potatoes
1/4 cup Maggi red chili sauce
Chaat masala as much as you like

Ragda is dried green peas, soaked overnight and pressure cooked to mush with salt, turmeric, cumin seeds and a dash of oil.

 All it takes is layering everything on to serving quarter plates. Put 10 puris on each plate. Spread the cubed bolied potatoes, scoop the ragda on top with a small spoon so it sits perfectly on the puris. Spoon the red chili sauce. Now garnish generously with fine chopped onions, dash of chaat masala as per your liking. If you don't adore chat masala sprinkle some salt instead. Lastly give a whole hearted sprinkle of cilantro to the plate. Hand it out like the best chat you ever made. Who said chats are not healthy and require lot of  preparation?


  1. its very interesting how u nicely recreated a classic recipe with ingredients one would normally not think of putting in..
    chat looks awesome :)

  2. mala paN, mala paN.

    if we were in the same city, I would have got you to adopt me :D. I would be chimi's cousin vini :)

  3. Looks yummy n chaats anhtime

  4. Wow... looks fantabulous....

    When you find time do visit my blog... thans...

  5. love chats......this one looks yummy

  6. Drooool! I am a chaat person myself, so I usually make a jar of date-tamarind chutney and store in the freezer for such last-minute chaat conversions (ever tried massacring a leftover samosa and topping it with onions and dahi and chutneys? yum!). The market also has Kolhapuri thhechas nowadays, which I like to use as the red chutney because it's always there at home!

  7. I can eat chat at any time of the day:)... Papdi chat is looking yummmmmm

  8. Thanks everyone for the comments.

    Vinaya we are sisters :) and I wish we were in the same city especially now so I cld be with you.

    Saee, yum samosa chat, you make me drool.


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