Monday, August 16, 2010

Launching Hridaya Vaahini

In the recent times I have had requests coming in to post about pets available for adoption. I have not been able to say no. Also seeing the good work Karthik is doing I thought of creating a separate space for such posts. What else can a blogger like me do?

Yes remember Karthik, I mentioned in the post on Narasimha, he takes care of abandoned, stray and lost pets till they get foster parents and a wonderful home.

Go check out Hridaya Vaahini...


  1. on behalf of all pet lovers a big bunch of thanks to you Anjali. agreat work indeed. will try to spread the words.

  2. Great job Anjali !!! May your blog be instrumental in finding many loving homes for our legged friends. Cheers

  3. I am always amazed at how much you do!Very few people can give so easily :)

  4. Hey Ladies thank you for your comments. Hridaya Vahini is all about Karthik. I wish not to remain just a "blog tiger" as in "paper tiger". Currently am fostering Hridaya for a week.


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