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Jarokha: A window to veg food from across the globe

It was almost lunch time the conversations over the phone went like this, one said I have to go out, I said I will go with you, third said take me too. So happened this impromptu meet up. It had been couple of months we had not met and there was a lot of news to be exchanged and gossip to be caught up on. She suggested Jarokha if we were game for some good food. 

The address : 14th main, 17th cross, sector 7, HSR Layout, Bangalore. 
Landmark: above Snap fitness center.

A silver lettered board welcomes you on the 3rd floor. We walk into a really naturally bright restaurant with turquoise green tapestry and furnishings. Distinctly different for most restaurants have reds, browns and all those dirt disguising colors. One wall has modern art with back lights that make it look trendy.

We take a table and instantly are handed out the menu which is in the form of a magazine. Going through it I realize it's vegetarian, D confirms it, So both of us are happy. This can happen only in Blr. In Mumbai I would not expect a trendy place to be strictly veg.

We were so engrossed in our talks and since this was our first visit there we were not familiar with the menu. The waiter checked with us twice if we were ready to place the orders. I had to tell him, we needed more time and that they had so much and such a variety. 

The restaurant is a window true to its name Jarokha, to vegetarian food from across the globe. There was Italian, Mexican, Tex-Mex, Thai and Punjabi. The menu was proof that they were trying to be different. Only the most famous dishes from around the world featured on their menu not entire cuisines.

My friends coaxed me to place the orders, both of them wanted pasta while I wanted something different. Though we had met impromptu, we decided to go all out and have a multi-course  lunch. So we ordered for drinks, starters and mains while we decide if we had space for dessert we'd order later.

So fingers placed on Jarokha sherbet, a blend of musk melon, sugar syrup with a hint of lime, pepper and cinnamon is what we guessed. A unique drink but since I use very less sugar at home found it slightly sweet but its sherbet so normal for everyone else.

Starters were everyone's favorite Nachos with mustardy cheese sauce and salsa. They loved the salsa so we called for more. Nachos were nice and crisp the cheese sauce could have been creamier and served on the side instead of the drizzle. Since it was a bit runny it stayed in the platter. So the first serving was a bit drier and the second serving quite wet. They should double the quantity of salsa, their bowl in tiny; to match the quantity of Nachos. Of course we were happy they served us an extra bowl on demand.

Then came the dramatically delivered Vegetable Lasagna, Penne in Masala Mafia sauce
and my choice Thai Red curry with steamed rice, khimchi and fried papad :)

The Vegetable Lasagna was outstanding, baked to perfection with cauliflower and other vegetable mishmash layered into the pasta sheets and cheese. A scoop of arabiata sauce on the side and splash of Basil pesto on the top. With a dollop of sour cream. You could relish a different flavor with every piece on the fork. Delicious was a unanimous verdict.

The Thai red curry was a mix of mushrooms, baby corn, Chinese cucumber in a very rich coconut milk gravy. It was very creamy and sat plop on the rice when picked from the bowl. I enjoyed it thoroughly. The curry was double the amount of rice. I prefer it slightly thinner. It got a thumbs up from us though. It was served with Khimchi made of red kraut and fried punjabi papads. They know we are Indians so that bit of fusion is allowed.

The Masala Mafia it turned out was a Makhani sauce marrying arabiatta. Penne was a choice we had made. Though it was good it could not stand up to the Lasagna.

The portions of the main course are enough for a single person and slightly more for ladies but right for the guys. The pricing is slightly on the expensive side but worth it.

We three friends shared wonderful bonhomie over the awesome food. Sometimes working Moms need their space and that's what they did this time. I love my friends the new age women balancing home, work and friends. Cheers to you girls! ahem Ladies!

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  1. Thanks of my friend also suggested this....for real good panjabi food.

  2. nice spread.....will try visiting that place next time..

  3. ah a perfect story of what we experienced :-) The thought of lasagne still brings water into my mouth :-P thankus for making tat one call which made this happen :-)

  4. Khaugiri yeah the Punjabi looked authentic.

    Thanks Chaitrali and Prathibha.

    Voyager Thanks for making it with us. For now we will let you stick to your resolution until the next splurge :P

  5. oooo.. very mouth-watering a description :)

  6. Srini that's what it's meant to do! Foodie or not :P :P! Good to see you here.

  7. this looks very promising. I am in US right now but this place is very near to my house! Looks like this has opened up just a few days ago. Will check it out, thanks for the tip. Btw, I do check your blog very often (have commented earlier too). Keep writing. PS: I do not prefer to use my google account while posting comments, it'll be great if you can enable the Name/URL identity too :-)

  8. Hi Truman, opened up comments for all :) Yeah once in a while I too read yours.

    That's good this place is close your house so have it on your to do list once ur back here :)


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