Monday, August 02, 2010

Narasimha needs a home

Here is the gorgeous guy for you.

Some time ago Chimi and me were at the Lakeside Vetenary Clinic. It was too early. There was an operation in progress on another pup. Just then a youngster came out from the inside and started playing with Chimi. He was so friendly that Chimi became instantly friends with him. We got talking and I got to know that he had got a dog with a fracture to be treated and nursed by the Doc. He mentioned to us that some people had put their dog out on the streets and now needed shelter. We exchanged nos. and was waiting for Karthik to send me his pictures. I felt really bad that it was already late for Narasihma.

Karthik tells us
"ppl r hittin him wid metal rods throwin stones only coz he looks aggressive...but he dusn even growl such a decent chap...rite now he is being taken care by a family who keep him in their passage dat they use for dryin clothes...they cant keep him for long..i really dun know where else to keep tensed...."
"no he hasn found 1 yet ..actually am worried where dat family will give him away to arf or cupa..datll be d end...somehow am pushin them but am pretty sure i cant hold nemore.. "

If you think you have a place for him in your home drop me your email id or phone no. Not to worry about the  email ids, I will not publish the comments with personal details.

Doctor Yathiraj filled me in about Karthik, he gets street dogs for treatment and spends from his own pocket.  This was reconfirmation of the conversation I had with Karthik. He had pleaded,  "If Narasimha can get a home, I'll take care of his medical expenses." Way to go young lad!

Am sure there are a few good souls who can help Narasimha. Is it you? 


  1. I wish I could... :(

    i'll pray he finds a loving home soon...

  2. Hey Anjali
    unfortunately I live in the US.
    but I would love to donate some money to Karhtik towards the wonderful job he is doing.


  3. Vinaya I too wish it at times but by now my home wld have been home to many and a zoo for me :). How is your bachcha ganga, Dhanee, Laxmi, Gauri and the parrot, you are lucky to have them and they to be on the farm. May be I shld come down soon. You TC and Chimi sends u licks.

    Travel Bug am not sure if Karthik is looking for any financial help as of now for what he does for the street dogs.

  4. Hi,
    What a small world. Dr. yathiraj used to be our vet when he had just started his practice many years ago. He would actually come to our house to give shots and also for sick visits. Next time you are there, please ask him if he still remembers treating "Spotty" in Girinagar.

    Spotty was probaly one of his first few patients.

    Brings back lots of memories.

  5. BTW Spotty was a female cocker spaniel (black and white) and Dr. yathiraj was a great vet. We never found anyone like him after he stopped making house rounds.

  6. Sashi yes both Dr. Yathiraj and his nephew Dr. Sampathkumar are sweet to pets unlike other over commercialized vets. Nice to know about Spotty. Now Dr. Yathiraj is the Dean of Hebbal Vetenary Hospital and to expect him to remember Spotty would be asking for too much. Yet I will try to jog his memory when I go there again. Happy to know it brought back memories for you.


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