Wednesday, August 25, 2010

There are stories to be told...

Over lunch and while commuting together my colleague and friend, Sapna has shared many anitics and anecdotes about her kid bro. It is the typical tale of Indian parents against a creative child's aspirations a la "Tare Zameen Par". So Gowtham went through the grind completed studies took up a job with ICICI bank to make parents happy. Then finally chose to follow his heart. He went for a course in film making. He has been very happy he did it!

Today got a mail from Sapna to vote for her bro Gowtham Shravan Kumar for his films:

Dark Waters - short film category - cameraman
What saves u? - Ad film category - cameraman
Rickshaw Nomads - Documentary category- cameraman
Sabse Peeche Hum Khade - Music Video Category - director

Dark Waters is the adaptation of Rabindranath Tagore's "Subha" a soliloquies. Gowtham's camera caresses the girl's moves. Some of his shots at the river side are soothing and for a moment it creates an era of  the slow life for the viewer, which is the essence of a Tagore story.

What saves u? Is a spunky ad film, this is a family blog so I don't want to put the message up here. Go over to watch the film and don't miss the end :P

Rickshaw Nomads Is a documentary made for an imaginary TV news channel. Captures the change in pace of life and economy and conveys a crisp message in typical news channel style.

Sabse Peeche Hum Khade A music video shot on Silk Route's music track of the same title. Very commericial but sweet.

I voted for all four movies but my first favorite is Dark waters and second one is What saves us? specially for it's last line. I am not a film critic but have reviewed as per my own sensibilities. It would be great if you leave here comments for Gowtham so that he can learn more.

P. S: 
Hey Sapna I must meet your bro to get his autograph before he becomes famous :) ;) !!!


  1. excellent movies....tell madam Sapna that there are people outside her current org who also wud wish to vote :-P

  2. Hey Voyager! She and Badri are right now busy taking care of Hriday in addition to her own Immadi Ramu. I will pass on the message though:)

  3. oye Voyager.. out of sight out of mind :p..
    next time se yaad rakhungi :)

  4. Sapio pitegi tu is tarah se!!

  5. hey anjali, thanks so much for this post.. he won it in the music video category..( He conceputualised and directed it ) It will announced officially on 1st Sep

  6. That is awesome news! Congrats to Gowtham!!! You are back? Will speak to you sometime today.

  7. Thanks so much for promoting us... recvd good number of votes in all the categories in round 2. it was upto jury in round 3.. so won only in 1 category. ll keep updatin u abt us

  8. Thanks so much for promoting us :)


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