Saturday, October 18, 2008

Instant Idiyappam & ....

Idiyappam & Vegetable Stew

In my recent visit to the supermarket I picked up a packet of Instant Idiyappams from Dhidheer (am not sure if I'm spelling correctly). This was the first time I tried Idiyappams at home that too instant ones. They are ready in a jiffy and oh so tasty. I picked this brand because they looked the most delicate among the other brands on the shelves in the store.

All you do is cut open the packet and empty in a pan. Pour boiling hot water over the Idiyappams and let them reconstitute for 5-7 mins. Drain them on a mesh and mix in grated coconut.

They are ready to be served. I made them on a week day and was my packed lunch along with vegetable stew. If the Idiyappams were instant the stew is not a thing for rushed mornings.

I had kept the packet aside to take picture for this post but when my Dad saw an empty packet lying around for more than two days. It went into the bin. So next time I buy again I promise to post a picture.

In Thrissur they are called Nool appams aren't they? Next time I'll go the traditional way.


  1. Thats such a lovely combination!...instant idiyappam is such a boon!..your veg stew looks delicious!

  2. made this it..will post mine soon..

  3. It is called noolputtu in thrissur.

  4. awesome.........i just had it.made myself .......NJ USA

  5. Konkanis from konkan also make the iddiyapams.They call the dish 'shirvalya' and eat with sweetened coconut milk.


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