Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Kerala Fest

Purpose: This is to teach people to celebrate life. Own life.

Target date: 28th Oct 08

I am going to have a Kerala Fest going on both my blogs. I started on
Swachchanda with Visiting The God's Own Country with KTDC

Why? I am not telling yet. D is not telling either. Shhhh....


Me: What's your favorite food?

Looking away and smiling umm....nothing much.....

Me: U can't think of anything!!!(with my face contoured). I can count so many of my favorite and I am not even a Keralite!

I get some excuse that most Heads of Cook-up Ouch Experts are good at.

Me: May be I can count on all ten of my fingers your favorite food curd rice X 10 !!!

And then the mother of all dialogues "I eat to live not live to eat."

Very unlikely this is being read by the target audience so on 28th Oct these posts will be home delivered.

So my regular readers won't you guard my secret?

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  1. Wow - a complete make-over! I had to double check where I was!

  2. Hee hee Anita!!! I was happy to see your reaction!!! It took me 2 yrs to finally do it.


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