Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mridula Weds Uday

Just returned from Mridula's wedding. It was a 2 day affair. As is the custom here in Blr the reception is before the wedding. So yesterday was the reception and today the wedding. We friends had a good time. We just saw her off to her new home. It was an emotional moment for her father and her. She just could not hold back the tears. I am going to miss her in the office bus.

Wish you a successful married life and lots of happiness Dear Mridula & Uday !!

The wedding feast consisted of:

My favorite was the Pineapple, banana, black grapes sasam. Later will google for the various items on the menu.


Green Pickle (raw mango in mustard and chili paste)
Valavala (Readers to enlighten)
Potato fry Upkari
Chana Gashi
Pineapple, Banana, Black grapes Sasam
Capsicum Baje
Appi Payasa
Khajoora Beeda
Sweet Box : Boondi Ladu, Godambi (spicy cashews done like masala peanuts), Gardudde Vadi

Guest posts by Mridula

My posts on the Mridula effect
The emotions were overflowing in the comments too before the wedding.


  1. Oh..that menu is making me wishes to the bride and the groom!!

  2. Ohh my god..thats a total Konkani menu...just looking at it, I am craving for it...How I miss all those :(. I wish I could have that found Anjali...brought back so many memories

  3. Hey Anjali,

    All of us liked it. Uday liked it .Vanitha and Mum in law also liked the post :) Thanks fo all the wishes :)

    ~ Mridula and Uday

  4. Congratulations & best wishes to the couple.

  5. Hey Mridula !!! I'm thrilled to see your comment and that little couple thingy "~ Mridula and Uday". Gosh I can't stop smiling.

  6. Hey Divya and Voyager she is watching this post :). Thanks on her behalf.

    Shilpa yes very much Konkani! Plan your next trip to India soon :)

  7. wow.. yummy Konkani menu...Looks yummy... Best wishes to the newly married couple


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