Saturday, October 04, 2008

Rasedar Batata

Rasedar Batata served with Matar Pulav

We came back hungry after the stint at the fresh veggies outlet nearby. I had to make some thing yummy yet express. I had picked up tender potatoes so Rasedar Batata fitted the bill perfectly with a simple Matar Pulav.

There is one thing I am liking about buying my veggies myself. It used to be my father's job but lately he seems to be bored with it. These days he would buy the same stuff that I found really difficult to invent something new with. So I started doing the shopping. I think it also partly due to the fact that we now live in a busy area where everything I need is available just around the corner.

There are somethings men just don't seem to see like tender potatoes. If you tell them to buy potatoes they will get the regular one. Never will the think that tender potatoes are also an option. The fancy things like fresh non Indian herbs don't even exist for them. I found a nice rack stocking fresh basil, chives etc. I know I will buy them for a pasta day.

Most times I would shop at my workplace for something different for the weekend inspite of knowing that Dad has stocked the veggies already. I never like to do the ordinary routines. In my whole life I have never had to shop for veggies and groceries as a routine as most of you have to as there were always enough people at home to do it. Neelam my younger cuz did it every single day while returning from college so by the time she got married she was an expert on the market rates. I could never put that as a highlight on my bio. LOL

So here I am now trying to learn responsibilities of a gruhini (housewife), ofcourse you don't have to be one to do that.


8-10 tender potatoes boiled and deskined
4 tomatoes
2 big Onions
1 teaspoon coriander powder
1/2 teaspoon cumin powder
1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder
1 green chili
2 teaspoon oil
salt and sugar to taste

Heat oil in a pan. Put the onions in and fry till light brown. Add the chopped tomatoes. Keep on high heat to let tomatoes crumble into a sauce. Spice the sauce with all the powders. Add a chopped green chili. Now to this thick sauce add the boiled peeled tender potatoes. Reduce the heat add the salt and sugar as required. Adjust the thickness of the gravy or Rassa to allow the potatoes to sink in. Boil it vigorously for 5 mins then put of the heat and keep covered till served.

This yummy gravy gives the name to it as Rasedar Batata. It was the easiest gravy to make and match the classic Matar Pulav.

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